Saturday, June 29, 2013

My computer is officially being fixed! :)

Its being repaired. The power supply fan was the culprit! I knew my ears didnt decieve me. The evil rattling noise and then nothing was that. I also needed a new hard drive. I was having issues with it freezing up during startup and system restore had stopped working a few months ago. I figured i would list all its issues while i was there. Im just happy it can be fixed and i can hold off on buying a new computer right now. Im going save up and buy an Alienware computer eventually since i keep hearing so much good stuff about it. ;)

My dad was also nice enough to buy me Island paradise! :D So in 2 to 3 days, I'll be back in action. Hopefully most of my files will be intact, but my computer looks like a hoarder owned it anyway. I wouldnt mind some stuff dissapearing. As for sims, saves, and downloads all those things are saved on a ubs drive. I couldnt save my mods, but i think i got the main stuff saved.

So I'm going delete the most recent post regarding this and hold off posting anymore till the computer is back. I will still be visiting via phone on my chat, but thats about it.

As for comps, I should be able to continue in all of them. I refuse to drop! lol I also would be properly scoring and giving Little Miss Twisted Cycle 2 a proper finale when all is well.

So laterz folks. It hard typing on this phone. 0_o
-sent via smart phone


  1. Did the folks at Best Buy ask you if you wanted them to retrieve anything off the old harddrive before removing it? The harddrive holds everything on that computer....and I mean absolutely everything!! With a new harddrive, you will be starting over as if it were a new computer.

  2. Aw, I'm glad everything worked out. :) And you got Island Paradise! *celebratory dancing*

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