Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ok cross those fingers and toes for me people! Job interview!

I have a job interview Monday!!! With K-mart! Yeah I can't believe it either. I felt like I won the lottery when they actually call me back this evening. I nearly had a heart attack answering the phone. Thankfully the lady was nice and told me to better sale myself Monday in-person! I'm glad too, because I seriously starting blanking and freaking out! I would of totally failed if that was a interview. lol But I have yet another chance at a real job! THANK GOD!

It's clean and I know the store well. I'm going to party it up if I get this job! Someone better take me to my favorite restaurant and get the liquor out! LOL I refuse to f**** this up! I refuse!!!! This must happen! I can't take more rejection. >_<

Please pray, do some chants, or something for me. I'm going need it!


  1. If you get the job I'll be partying over here for you as well, with bottles of prosecco all the way!

    I have just sent you an email. If I can do anything to help let me know.

    In the meantime I'll get started crossing all my digits!

  2. Best of luck! *crosses everything that can be crossed*

  3. Thank you! My stomach is going be do flips till Monday gets here. Definitely going try to be more prepare this go around. ^_^;


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