Saturday, June 15, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 1 & Scores

I joined SNTFM (Sims Top Fashion Model). I been wanting to do more fashion type of comps. Plus the host makes awesome videos for every elimination. I do hope William isn't in any those videos, but my model is featured in the intro video. Check it out!!!
I think I got 3rd or in this case I passed to the next round! Wooo!


Photo Quality = 26.5/30 
Model Appearance = 26/30
Model Pose =24.5/30
Creativity = 24/30
Overall Photo = 25/30

Total: 126/150

Judges thoughts:
I think William's styling is very strong here and I love the detail focused on the background set. I think his pose works well with his overall look. Good job!

William's look is good, nice background. I feel a stronger pose would have given more presence.

Love William’s ringmaster’s outfit! I am not too sure about his hair though. A nice top hat would have really rounded of his look. I would have liked to see a stronger pose from William; he almost looks a bit unsure of himself to me as if he is not sure what to do.

Great job!

First off, I made the cut with my model. It was like 15 people and it got cut down to 10. 5 boys and 5 girls! I was lucky since I signed up and turned in my model last min.

By the way, this competition is a non-editing competition! No special editing tricks here. It's been awhile since I've done a comp like this. I'm a bit rusty! >_<

Soooo fast-forward to the first photoshoot. Circus Couture/Dark Circus. Well I thought for sure I wouldn't do well on this one when I saw the other pictures. For one no editing! Then I'm not really big on full body pictures and I kinda had drained all my edginess/darkness on my other picture, which will be in my next post. Anyway, I didn't know it was so much circus stuff in the game. Well things I could manipulate with CAS to make it look like a circus anyway. I also found some neat stuff in the new Duke/archer set for it. I had a lot fun decorating! :)

Overall the pic is a bit crazy, but I like it ok. I was able to play with hues and saturation, which helped. I do regret not putting a top hat on him. I almost did. Oh well. I just hope my style of pictures will translate well in this comp. I'm not confident at all, but I'm having fun. :P


  1. Great stuff - I always love your competition pics.

    It's amazing that the host makes those little videos as well!

  2. Than you as always! :)

    As for the videos, I love them! Aren't they just amazing?!! They make me feel like I'm on the actual top model show when I watch them. I just hope I never appear on the elimination videos. -_-


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