Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monica off to University you go! (Heavy Pic Spam)

Thanks to the generous and kind-hearted Hippie, I have University! She had an extra copy! Thanks again Hippie. *tackle glomps* :D 
So after installing it and being amazed that it work properly on this game filled pc, I decided to pick a sim to test it out. I did send myself at first, but my simmie self needs some tweaking again. No matter I have plenty of sims willing to get I mean learn.
Whaaaat? Monica, my movie poster compy model you wanted go to University?
Hell yeah!!!!

Well pack those bags! You going to good old University. By the way the llama didn't meets me at my house. :/
 She arrived at the dorm.
 Then after getting settled in and having her bed stolen. She went to the student union greet.
 Liam is that you?! No kidding, kidding!
 Then she had this interesting covo with this nerdy fellow.
 She looks really impressed doesn't she?
 Then she wasted no time getting her juice on with beer juice pong.
 Chug it!!!
 Unfortunately she wasn't drunk enough to fall head over hills with this guy.
 She got invited to her very first party right off the bat! Bring out the keg!!!
 She wasted no time in getting plastered!
 But she woke up on time for class despite her major hangover.
 *yawn lecture*
 ROFL! She looks pleased!

 Almost the whole class fell asleep. I know that feeling. -_-
 Mr. Lama are you doing gangnam style?

 Ah Monica. On the never ending pursuit to get laid.
 A quick lunch break at the local café.
 Then some bowling after school.

Playing some B-ball before class.

 Then planning out her business plans.
 More drinking.

 Then some streaking...

 ...till the police came. Someone got arrested, but Monica just got fined.
 After such a close call, she decided to host a keg party.
 But yet again the police came and broke it up.
 Angry, Monica was determine to party.
 But the police weren't having it. Fined again.
 She failed her first 2 exams and cheated on one. Figured it was time to study.
 But she got bored and wanted a bonfire party. Woooo!
My game then crashed, but I don't think I lost too much. I kinda pushed it by playing so long. So the next order of business is to have bonfire party, decorate their dorm more, and try to find Monica a boyfriend or two. ;)
P.S. She is also a jock, but I might have her work on being a bit of a rebel too. I'm  just trying something different while I think of a good rebel sim.


  1. I'm glad you're having fun with it. The police sure do put a crimp in having a blast! Just ask Hippie....she knows! lol

  2. Ah university! Good to see that all is as it should be, with parties, drinking and falling!


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