Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simiverse Corp. Next Top Ad Designer: Cycle 1: A3 SCORES

I deleted the other post, so it wouldn't have 2 post about this.

Team Vid Overall Score: 45/50
I got 2nd and I'm currently 2nd overall!
Don't ignore! Don't turn away! Everyday children and teens are being mentally and physically abused by bullies. Instead of shielding your eyes, stand up and step in. It only takes one moment for a victim to give up on life, but it only takes one moment out of your day to help. You'll even find that bullies need help too. So stop the vicious cycle before it's too late, because some scars never fade.

Style: 9/10
Presentation: 4.5/5
Concept: 5/5
Execution: 4/5
Total: 22.5/25
Comments: Nicely done Vid. Bullying has become such a major concern for young people today and it affects older people too. I like that included that bullies need help too. Sometimes, they lash out because something in their personal life is hurting them, so they feel like they have to hurt others too. Misery loves company. Just a few things really. One, the shoulders look a bit smudged and two, the words need to be a bit lighter as they stand out more than the model. I also get why you added in the extras, but they are really unneeded, the words do the trick

Style: 8/10
Presentation: 5/5
Concept: 5/5
Execution: 4.5/5
Total: 22.5/25
Comments: This was really good, Vid! I liked all the words in the background, but thought that maybe they should have been more opaque so that the focus isn’t really on the words, since one of the requirements was a simple background. I also think that having him wearing ripped clothing would have also helped show your cause. But overall, I think you did a great job!

I'm happy with this picture and while it might be shocking, it's shows how painful bullying can be. I did wonder if I should of had him in a rip t-shirt, but I'm quite happy with the words being so bold. The bold words for me represent how much impact they can make on someone. Words do hurt and they can do damage.

When it came down to picking a campaign though, I was determine to do something with this subject. It just something that really inspired me, because I have been bullied quite a lot throughout my childhood and teen years. Only 2 times has it been physical, but the mental abuse I endured was just as horrible. When typing out each and every word on this poster, I realized that I've been called almost every word it. Then some words have become slightly empowering. Nerd, Weird, different, crazy don't hurt anymore. Being hurt by being called a nerd, especially makes me laugh. I can't believe I took such offense to that!

Still they are some big words that do still sting and I was made to believe such things for quite awhile in my life. Ugly, fake, and outcast. They still get to me and I can often recall every single moment I've been called that or felt that way. I can remember sitting alone everyday at lunch, the whispers behind my back, and every single move I make being watched. It was a miserable existence. It also didn't help that when my mom died it changed something in me. It made me grow up fast and I became a lot more introverted/shy. An easy target for bullies. High school was probably the worse though as pretty much my douchebag of a class had formed a clique and made me the butt every joke. I had a lot dark times and thoughts back then.

I could go on and on about this, but the main reason was because it's issue I've dealt with for a big portion of my life. They are days where I still deal with it and it still hurts, but I'm hoping to replace such memories with better ones. With achievements. :)

So extend a hand to others and be a friend instead being of a bully. It's not right to hurt others.


  1. *Hugs for Vid* It sucks when people get bullied. Mine came from my family, and it was all mental. Being called fat and ugly by my brothers, having my dad say I'm chunky and have chunky friends, they don't realize how much it hurts . .and then being teased at school for being so smart . .which is probably why I don't apply myself as much even though I know I am a genius. It's only with work that it's appreciated now.

    I even remember a day when this guy and girl played a trick on me and saying the guy really liked me and wanted to go out with me, only for the girl to turn around and say she was going out with him and it was all a joke. It's probably why I shy away from a relationship with guys and am very skeptical of any contact they initiate with me. That shit just doesn't go away, it takes a lifetime.

    I think people just need to step back and THINK, think about who it is they are hurting and how lasting the damage is. I'm sure they wouldn't like it. But it's such a huge problem, especially in school, just because someone is different. I remember walking a younger kid home from school because he was bullied. And I was only in GRADE 5!!!!

    I grew up to rely on myself and to not take shit. I won't hesitate to strip someone down. It made me stronger than I already am. Too strong perhaps. :(

  2. Just to add. Totally get where you are coming from, and I must say it was hard to judge without letting my emotions take over. You did a really great job with it, and I hope those who have seen it, take a moment to think and maybe when they see someone being bullied, they step up. Too many people stand by, because they are unsure of how to handle the situation. And it's a shame, a real shame!

  3. Hey Em! *hugs* You're definitely a strong person. That's a good thing. It's just take time to heal. At least we're not worse off like some people who are bullied and we're intact. I thank my lucky stars every day that I didn't resort to hurting myself or doing something drastic.

    I've gotten the opposite on weight. I had a fake friend call me anorexic everyday at lunch because I use be to super skinny. Ironically now I'm trying to lose weight. lol

    I've also had boys say they like me, only to run off to their friends giggling too many times. It almost got to a point I didn't believe boys when they would tell me they like me either. They would literally have to tell me over and over for me to be convinced and I still was untrusting in situations like that. It's hard for me to trust people at all sometimes.

    I think the only reason I like school work was because it took my mind off the bullying and constant name calling tho. I would get the occasion fake friend asking me to help them with their homework, because they thought I was so smart. I would badly want to tell them to piss off, but I was nice to them no matter how bad they treated me. I guess that's why they thought I was being fake. They didn't understand why I would continue to be nice to them, but I was really a push over then and I thought maybe they would leave me alone if didn't react. That in turn only made them want to bother me more I think. Still I don't like confrontations, so I bottled up a lot stuff and treated people nice no matter what in hopes I receive that same attitude back. It was only at towards the end of school, I stopped trying to be accepted and found friends in other grades to keep me company. I think that helped me from really breaking down.

    But ughhhh those memories are my demons. I thought I was only person who still thinks about those type of things. It also amazes me how many teachers would see this stuff and not do a thing! It's kind of disgusting how it's ignored and it's getting worse! Much worse!

    1. Oooo novel alert! LOL But talking online and going to college briefly has oddly helped me. I feel less weird and I don't feel like the world hates me anymore. Thank goodness. With my mom passing away and being constantly harassed, I felt I was being punished for something sometimes.

      But thanks so much for you comments! :) *hugs again*


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