Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Pic Spam to the tune of a violin, the sounds of a deep fryer, and the sweet silence of snow....

*said in snobby sophisticated voice* The sweets sound of the violin make it all so much sweeter. La, la, la...LA!!!
 Meanwhile at my SN household...

 Snow, snow, and more snow. Thankfully it's spring now.
 Deep frying everything! Thanks again Yahtzami!

 Who the hell eats a corn dog like that?!
 Dear Henry had the violin at first, but he gifted it to Victor. Victor needed a hobby.
 Ah beautiful...
 More snow...
 More adorableness!!!

 She was eating Bacon, but for some reason it was invisible.
 Mmmm...the deep fryer makes me hungry.
 Tonks inner-child came out. lol
 Henry painted that. Isn't it pretty?

 Upgrading her tv magically.
 Haha is it evil I laughed when I realize why she was crying over taking a bath? She died from drowning, so water isn't her friend.
That's it for now, because the family may be moving to good ol Dragon Valley. I got it today. Wooooo! Time to pack our bags and get Agatha a new fire breathing pet!!!! :D

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  1. Oh fab - you have DV! It's really beautiful, I played it quite a bit at the weekend and was really enjoying the beautiful scenery. My sims have three dragons now (two red and one purple). Hope your sims enjoy it too.

    The poor drowned lady crying over the bathtub! :(


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