Monday, June 17, 2013

*clears throat* Well welcome customers! I haz a job!

Well the interview started off kinda rocky as we kept getting interrupted by trainees. So I had to wait for her to finish, then I had a 2nd interview with some guy (who was nice), then a 3rd with the head of department I applied for. It was a lot they couldn't ask, because I never held a job before. I'm glad they took that account, because it never made sense to me when jobs would ask me questions about experience when I have no experience. They also were really concerned about my lack of work doing these few years.

Anywoooo, I was very honest, spoke with the most professional voice I could muster up, and smiled a lot. So the lady told me she would consider me and told me she would call if she decided to hire me. So I thought that's it, left the office, and was very close to leaving out the store doors when they called me back. Ruh oh! Well that's when they told me that someone gave them a start, so they wanted to give me a start. They liked my personality, thought I have a lovely smile, and that I seemed like a honest person! So they decided they want me start me off as an store greeter and they going watch me doing this time. Then if I do good job, they'll move me up. So yeah I haz a job! O_0

Heck any job will do right now! I'll take it! Sounds fun actually! :D Well....

"Welcome to Kmart!!!!! Have a lovely time shopping!" Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I have pieces of info I must pass onto them first, but they shook my hand and welcomed me. I'm in shock at the moment and excited!!! This is awesome! I'm so happy! Thank you to everyone who crossed stuff, chanted, gave me tips and encourage me! I knew I had a good feeling about this one! :)

P.S. By the way, a store greeter is someone who saids hello to everyone who enters the store with a big wide grin, makes sure the carts are neat, holds the door for the elderly, passes out flyers and make sure the entrance is neat! :P


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