Friday, June 21, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 2 & Scores

Check out the latest video:
I kinda new this was going be either a hit or miss. Was a slight miss, but a good lesson for the next round. I made it, which is all that matters.
Photo Quality = 25/30
Model Appearance = 23/30
Model Pose = 25.5/30
Creativity = 23/30
Overall Photo = 25.5/30

Total: 122/150

Judges thoughts:
William really stands out here. I like his posing and it works well with his current styling. Unfortunately, Will's styling missed the mark. We were looking for edgy and this current look is more casual. If he was shirtless with tattoos and perhaps a scarf around his neck with those jeans, it would have worked. Good effort!

Good job!

Love the pose. William looks so mysterious and sexy. I really like the attention to detail on your set. A different coloured outfit would have made him stand out more as it is too similar to the rest of the rest.

I think I need more work in the fashion department of comps, but I feel I'm like improving. I do like this picture, but compare to the others it's not 1st place material. I also ran into a problem with his shirt as that stupid darkness under the arms was showing. I had to change his shirt, which threw me off a bit.

The next assignment is aliens/futuristic, I think I have an idea for it already. I'm going pack a lot detail into his overall alien look, and not so much worry about the setting. I think where I go wrong in these high fashion shoots is my desire to have everything seen in the picture rather than getting a good angle for the model. Not to worry though! I'm learning to scale back. :)

P.S. Sad to see LE go b/w. :(


  1. That's a great set, very grungy. I'd have trouble doing something like that because I like things clean and neat lol! I guess I see what they mean about needing the model to stand out more, but his look does fit with the set in that picture.

    Can't wait to see your futuristic pic. You're going to have to draw up a timetable of simming time and comp pic time around your job schedule coz we don't want to miss out on Vid pics!


    1. I love grudgy sets like that. It actually was an requirement, but I was super happy about using it and had fun building it. I think with these high fashion modeling comps tho, I have to scale it back a bit and not worry so much about having all of the setting in my pictures.

      I'm going try working on my compy stuff today while I have time. One of the comps I'm in is pretty much over and I just need to turn in my finale pictures. If I can get that over with, I should be able to juggle it all alright and still play sims in between work. :P


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