Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'm baacccck. Duh. *points to tumblr* But yeah hi...

My new beast. HP Omen!!!! Also bought a kickass keyboard to match. All an early X-mas present basically. I wanted a Dell, but I was convinced to buy this. Cost less than the Alienware I was looking at too. This baby spits sims out like it's nothing. My game has never been smoother or faster. It's freaking amazing! I'm in love. 😍

I haven't even finished installing all my stuff, but I'm sure it can handle anything if it can handle sims.

Installing Sims didn't go too smoothly, unfortunately. I had to decrap a lot of store stuff and avoid Origin like the plague with the last patch, but I think I finally got it working like I want. It was a pain! Days of pain! I hate to open the launcher again. It's so f'ing buggy uninstalling shit. Ugh. Didn't realize how many eps Sims 3 had either till I had to reinstall all of them. Aghhhhh! Never again!

I reinstalled Pets too again. I'm nervous about the glitches and lag it may cause, but I think this computer can handle it. I cut off the stay option in population control, so that might help.

I did have to drop out of the one competition I was in. I was sad, but I think I need a break from the modeling anyway. Focusing on my story and just playing the game has been something I wanted to do for a while now. I'll get back into it I'm sure, but for now, it's time to chill, write, and keep simming. 😊

I do have some modeling photos and scores I haven't posted here. They're on my flickr, so I'll just steal them from there and post scores for those. Then it's going be legacy pics and story chapters from there.

And yesss I'm back playing my legacy. Woooo! The Edgars Vampire Legacy. I miss that fam. I have some pics of them already ready to post.

Hopefully, everything plays nice and l et's me enjoy the awesomness of my pc. 😁 I'm looking at you launcher and store stuff. 😒

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