Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Generations picture spam Part 1

Well I started a new game as my recent save got messed up with installing Generations. I decided to make a little playground in the park in Sunset. Was a empty space and wanted spice up the park with the new items.
I then aged down Nick and Mikey as I was simply too lazy to make a new sim family and I had lost the save file they were in. Sooo I moved them into a nice house by cheating of course. ;)

Being that teens can't live alone. I made them some parents. Nick's mom... 
 She instantly ran to the slip and slide in the backyard. :P
 Nick's dad. They don't get along as you can see...
 Mikey's mom. I like to think of her as widow who moved in with her best friend (Nick's mom). I don't like switching houses too much so I thought this was easier.
 A funny moment came right after moving them in. I was watching the two below chat...
then I saw this! Mom is sitting on the floor playing video games. Just shock me and made me laugh. xD

 Nick's mom is an artist.
 Mikey's mom is a writer.
 Nick visiting a friend's house. It actually froze doing this. :/
 I have no clue how she got in the house. She wasn't even a teen! 
After that I got to send the parent off on a 1 day vacation, soooo teen party!!!
Paparazzi randomly showed up to the party.
 I kinda cheated to get them to be friends with Mikey and Nick as going out to people's houses seems to freeze my game now.
 Dude spent the whole party doing this!
 Pillow fight!
 My party guest started passing out. The host later joined them. 
Nick got the call that the parents were coming and the cops were called after passing out!
Cops came to scold him. 

 Random townie with a cane. Kinda neat.
The parents came home shortly after everyone left.
 Nick's mom sculpting. Didn't even realize a party had went on.
 Mikey's mom grounded him though. lol 
 Mikey also grounded!
 Then later that day Nick set up a booby-trap on the toilet. He didn't get in trouble for it. Bwhahaha!
 Later he tried to booby-trap the sink, but got caught doing it.
 His mom caught him and put him in time out.
Mom: "Stare at the wall!" xD
 After timeout though, he went over to the sink and again booby-trapped it anyway. *snickers* Waiting for someone to get caught now. 
 And yet another pillow fight. Can you tell I like this interaction? ;) I need try hopscotch next. The adults act like kids on this ep. lol 
More later. My game still freezes if I go out on the town, so I have stay mostly to the house. I may need change some settings or something. It's really annoying. I hope I can fix it or we get another patch for that. So far the game isn't bad. Not sure how long the fun going last, but I love it so far. ^_^


  1. Hehe, if you like playing with families and kids then I reccomend it. :D

  2. Hey Coyadre! I'm having a blast. Better than I thought it was going be. ^_^

  3. (This is Coyadre btw :D)
    When my sim threw a teen party some really creepy neighbor guy came over and started yelling at my sim, then a message that his father was gonna be home in an hour popped up! O.O

    Looks like you're having just as much fun with the game as I am!

  4. This is so cool! It makes me want Gens SOOO bad!


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