Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*yawns* Boring! Isn't it cute? *Updated!*

I'm bored! The forums is boring and now Simpletons is down for some reason. I can't even get to my competition. :(

I now leave you with a stuff animal I brought. It's a owl. I'm a bit of a stuff animal horder. I have too many. Slowly getting rid of them, but I just couldn't resist buying this guy. <3
P.S. I'm applying for a job and I most likey will get it from what the manager said. I hope so. Just something to start me off in the work force. Wish me luck!

Update: Simpletons is back up! :D


  1. Thanks. :)

    xD I use to name my stuff animals. I was actually thinking if I should name him while making this post. lol :P

  2.  Good luck! I'll pray for you!

  3. Yeah. I've been laying around the house like a bum. I need something to do and my own money. xD

    Thanks :)

  4. Soo cute! I love owls :)  I hope you give him an appropriately owlish name if you name your stuffed toys XD

    Hope you get the job!

  5. LOL Hippie! It's a owl! :P

    The job is at Rite Aid. I wanted gamestop, but none of them were hiring. Rite Aid is cool tho.

  6. The chicken is cute!  It is a chicken, right?   lol

    Good luck on the job!   Where?   What will you be doing?

  7. Of all the things, I would never have guessed you collect stuffed animals, somehow though it makes sense :P

  8. Good luck vid. It will do you good to get out and work.

    As for the forums? No comment.


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