Friday, June 10, 2011

On a lighter note, the banner for Vanity Cycle 3! :P

Getting excited? I have only a few assignments to plan. Just some extra ones in case of drop outs and extra people. This cycle is much easier to plan than the last. The mens one was not planned very well, so I was panicking a lot that cycle.

Will be taking picture of the next 3 assignments, so I can be quicker posting them. Assignment 1 is already done. Excited aren't we? Definitely improved on my banner making I must say. :)

P.S. Going try host it on the forums. As much as I'm annoyed with their latest stunt, I can't make the wonderful simmers there suffer for EA's (maybe moderator's in this case) childish acts.


  1. Aw thanks Evie. Definitely keep it in mind. Good to have a backup with the mods acting like idiots now and deleting stuff.

    *bookmarks* :D

  2. Hey vid, I can't wait to lurk this one! If things don't work out on the actual forums, feel free to host it here:

    There are hardly any members but at least you won't get banned for BS. :P 


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