Friday, June 10, 2011

EA and moderators, why do you keep harassing me?

Since last night mishap, I am much calmer than I was about this. I'm going be very clear and blunt about it though!

Why the hell did you delete my comp thread? Why do keep harassing me? Yes, this is harassment. My threads keep getting moved into weird sections, I get warnings for popcorn gifs, bans for saying "bump" one time. I'm not going play your little games. It's not funny and it's not cute. I do not appreciate being constantly banned and treated like dirt on your site, when I have done nothing wrong. All I want you to do is do your job. I'm not out to get you. I want you do your damn job! That's all I ask! I have no clue why you decided pick at me yet again. Is it because I called you out on live chat just recently for your lack of security? Is it because I said on that thread, that "I didn't want say bump after what happen on my last ban?"

My exact last words on that thread were "Waiting on Dark. But take your time. I just didn't wanted say bump after what happen with my last ban." That's all I said. I did not say why I was banned really and the thread was just a comp thread. I see no one else threads being deleted. I can't see it being sabotaged by anyone since I'm the only one I think. Why am I and my contestants being punish?

You know I'm getting fed up with that site. I'm considerating leaving completely and doing my competitions on another site. Make my on damn forum if I have too. I'm just sick of EA and their childish little stabs at me. It's getting old and it's not right. Maybe some corrupt mod is going around being a complete ass to anyone who speaks up against EA? Maybe someone been reporting it? I don't know, but it needs to stop. It really does. I'm going make another thread, but after mangaka is over I will be thinking about my future on that site.

If your comp thread was deleted, please let me know. So far I think I'm the only one who thread was deleted. :/


  1. I will never understand that site. Trolls are allowed to run free and post all kinds of crap, while good people are being banned left and right. *sighs*

  2. I think they do like trolls better. They rather ban people who actually called them out on their bs.

    I'm beginning to think one of the mod is abusing their power. First AE's page was unhidden and the hide button was block out nowhere. Now my comp thread was deleted without explanation. I guess since I've been been minding my bussiness in the modeling section, it was nothing else to pick at.

  3. I'm sorry they keep messing with you Vid.  Maybe they LIKE the idiots and trolls because while they are running rampant they are distracting others from seeing how screwed up that place really is. 


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