Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Gothique Assignment 2 Results!

The emotion I had to portray was joy and remember this is a Gothic comp, so I had make joy Gothic. Had the choice to write a poem or find a poem to fit your emotion and picture. I wrote mine. My entry:
Her name was Joy
“Sitting in my room
with smile on my face.
I know the darkness.
Not going back to that place,
but the darkness follows me.
It’s part of my soul!”

“Take the needle to my skin, feel
the pain and pleasure of it all.
She looks at me tempting me,
making me feel alive. I hate her,
I love her,
I can’t live without her,
the feeling feels too good.”

“They say leave her alone, but
the pain is my addiction,
my lover, my downfall.
Without her I am nothing but a shell.
With her I‘m infamous, not even
the devil can raise this hell.

She makes me feel loved, makes
me feel like I’m whole again.
Happy I am at last as world
grows cold again.”

“When all goes dark, I weep
for her like the broken hearted.
She leaves me when I
need her most. She laughs
in my face, drives me insane.
Her trickery is all a little a game.”

“Wake up dying inside, feeling
the world lost to me. Don’t do
it they say, find the happiness within,
but I have no soul. To have
her one more time won’t kill me.
Take her poison one last time,
feel elated, I can never die!”

“Well it’s a new day for her and me.
Something is wrong. I feel cold.
Try to wake up, but my eyes stay close.
Open them, but it’s not the same.

Kiss it all goodbye as
I watch my world fade.
She is my murderer, my killer,
my lover, she is my drug.
My blessing, but my curse!
My happiness at my worse.”

“With a my smile on my face I die,
they mourn for me, but don’t cry.
For what she did for me, Joy was her name,
my addiction, my downfall, my drug,
that one last pill. Joy was her name.”

It talks about drugs as a female and how his only joy is to love her/be addicted to her. It ends up being his demise of course and he foolishly still can't see how death is so near. He is so focus on that one last pill, he is blinded to the consequences of his actions.

I got tied with RD for 2nd place for this!

10/10 - How well your picture represents the emotion given
10/10 - Creativity
9.5/10 - Picture
9.5/10 - Overall
I love how you took a different angle on joy. The poem is intense and the picture represents it well. I love the grungy-ness of it. Awesome job!

10/10 - How well your picture represents the emotion given
10/10 - Creativity
10/10 - Picture
10/10 - Overall: I really liked this. The poem was good, the picture was good, the setting, the idea. Well done.

8/10- Represents
9/10- Creativity
9/10- Picture
9/10- Overall
Wowsers, a really warped view of joy. The colour tones a great and it's always good to see death pop into screenies. The only thing is I think he looks to stiff. But overall great job
Total: 114/120

I really worked hard on this and took me many hours to get this picture. The Grim Reaper kept leaving and I had a extra that kept screwing it up. She was going represent his demons, but she was ruining the picture actually and wasn't needed really. Well I got rid of her and later got this. The poem was the easy part, even though I don't write poems. Haven't wrote one since middle school so I don't know how the hell I got this.

I really want to continue this comp, but the next assignment is really hard and I haven't been in the mood. I'm going to work on it and see if I can stay in it.


  1. Congrats, Vid! That is an awesome poem! As a recovered drug addict(recovered for 21 years) I can say you got the feelings and mood perfect!

  2. I liked yours (: I hope to see you continue in this, so don't give up! :P

  3. I wont Pheobe. I'll try come up wit something.

    Hippie i didnt kno that. :-0 im glad ur ok now and thanks. :-)

  4. Was thinking of joining in on these contests/assignments/etc.. but I dunno that I'd have time or be any good. You're doing fantastic though! Keep it up!

  5. Vid, I dunno why you doubt yourself so much! Your pics make me jealous and I adored that pic, I really did. I keep showing it to my husband. I think if he has to look at it again, he may hurt me. And I'm glad you're in this comp, I finally have a personality to go with this VidKid I kept reading about hehe. (I'm always the last to know hehe)

  6. lol Seren. Yea im not comp person and im not really confident when it comes doing them. im really surprise how quick i pulled off the new pic. thanks Seren as always. For the gift and everything. :-)


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