Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th!

Fireworks 4th of July gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Hope you have nice one and people who are not celebrating (like all my peeps outside the U.S) you have great day also. Also congrats to all winners of Mare awards. It's kinda clear who win it and hope use the points to the crappy store wisely. lol :-P


  1. I never use the store, I think it's what messed (note that I'mn being polite and not saying F*****!!!) me game up and then I had to do that uninstall nonsence. XD I wonder how the Mares have enough points though because they only have WA registered....

  2. hi my names sam (which u prob noticed from my screen name) :P im kinda new and this is my blog

    i really like ur blog! :D


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