Thursday, July 29, 2010

The full list for the Late night questioning!

Hate to post it and the people who made these lists get angry, so check them out!
Thank you guys! ^_^

P.S. We get boob sliders and muscle sliders!!!!! 0_0


  1. Wow, just read through the list of answers. Looks like After Dark has about as much content as WA and Ambitions combined. There was so much to sift through.


    - Vampires without glitter. I like the Twilight Saga, but I don't want Edward in my game.

    - Muscle/breast sliders -- This adds some more flexibility, and also....MANBOOBS! =)

    - Hot Tubs! Circular Pools! Fountain tool sounds great as well.

    - Piano, drums, I missed those! I also missed the stage and half walls!

    - All the new interactions and traits sounds great.

    - Reflective water -- sounds GORGEOUS


    No weather, boo! But Grant did hint that anything was possible, makes me hopeful that it's coming in the EP after After Dark

    I'm pretty much a fan of it all, I'm just worried about all the technical glitches that will likely come with. All I can hope is that they pay EXTRA attention to what they are doing, and test it to the full extent. Because an EP with this much content? There are SO many things that could go wrong, and I don't want the bugs and glitches to ruin what looks to be a fantastic EP.

    This EP seems to be a mix of Hot Date, Nightlife, and Superstar. =)

  2. I'm worried that it's getting released kinda early. I mean, they couldn't even wait for November? Seriously, EA shouldn't rush their game releases, especially if delayed ones(Base game, anyone?) still have bugs in them.

    But other than that, I'm excited. :D

  3. I am really looking forward to this EP but I do agree it does seem to be coming out rather sure. Unless they had another dev dept working on it whilst Ambitions was in the works 3 months just seems a little... quick.

    Seriously, I wouldn't mind waiting longer for a fully polished EP.

    That said - this is definately a preorder for me.


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