Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy birthdayz to me! Thanks guys!

 LadyEmillye made this:

Megan made this:

Navek and Dylan made threads, but they were deleted. EA can kiss it! Bastards!
They did send me this:
Gee, thanks! Rolling Eyes Anime Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

 I will thank everyone who gifted me, wish me a happy birthday, left me a nice comment, and was there for me when I was feeling down doing these days.
Well thank you to  lovints2, Darkling, Poida, Crazycatldy, JessDiane, hippiedippie,The Mare Nest, Zeri, Dylan, Abby, LadyEmillye, Navek, Megan, Rayy, AE/xXAngelicEvilXx, PK/Pistolkitten, Jk/Mummygaga, Roflmaoxsarah/Sarah, Darkslayer, Pentameter, Toblie, Daily, Polly, Victorious, Chicago, Paco, Firestar, Sunnishine, LisaVictoria, Cece, Serenitica, and StrawberryCayke/Simsy. *breathes in and out* Wow, that was alot! Forget anyone? If I did, I will add you. I don't want forget anyone.

Also thank you to everyone who posted on the deleted birthday thread. I saw some of the one Navek made, but not the one made by Dylan.
You don't know how much how those comments, gifts, etc meant to me. I was feeling pretty sad so seeing those comments were so helpful and if could hug all of you I would. Thank you!
Hugging Pictures, Images and Photos
Next post will be telling you about my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Vid.

    You are very much loved, and this proves it.

    Hopefully all the negativity washes away and gets all put behind everyone.

  2. Hooray! Birthdays are awesome.

    Glad you are feeling better.


  3. I will be making you one as well, I'm just stuck on a part of it. >.>

  4. Aw AE! Email me if u need help. You dont have make me a shirt though. You done enough! :-)
    Thanks guys! Feeling much better.

  5. Oh no, not a shirt, just a graphic :P

  6. :D Happy birthday! :) :) :)

  7. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y V I D ! ! ! !

    I'll throw a party at PP in your honour! =-)

  8. Soooo sorry for late reply, but happy belated birthday! The lucky 21! (See forum username. xD)


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