Thursday, July 29, 2010

Late night worries!

Too many things to list that make this ep awesome! When I get a full list, I will post them. The whole twitter thing just finished! Quite exciting! ^_^

I do have some worries I will like to share!
Things that are worrying me are:
-Vampire will not have coffins!
- No DJ booth!
-Pool tables were no confirmed or denied, but still.
-No microphones!
-Fast Lane might have a new trait

Damn, them!!!! No coffins! *dies* WTH? Well I guess my cc coffins will come in handy. :-/
Clubs with no DJ booths? WTH again!
He ignored the question about pool tables! Grrr!
No Microphones with bands added! WTF!
I don't want Fast Lane FFS!!!! *breathes in and out*

Ok, now I'm done for now! I will still buy it though! Stupid EA!

Update: Vampire get cool altar things. That might work. ;-)


  1. No coffins?! How do you have vampires without coffins?! Altars are no where near as cool as coffins though. I hope someone makes a functional CC one.

    No violins for me either. :(

    And I will still buy it. :P

  2. Yeah Fast Lane is a load of shit... it'll probably be a lame car-related trait anyway like 'gearhead' or something.

    Overall I'm pretty damn happy with Late Night; wish they'd stop centering traits around the new additions though. I mean unless you want a sim to be a celebrity how likely is it that you will ever use that celeb trait?

    Shy could be quite cute though even if I suppose it's supposed to act as the opposite of celebrity.

    Yay! The drinks will have effects - that's as close to 'raging alcoholic' sim as I'm probably going to get.

    ...pity this game has to keep it's T rating. Late Night would be the perfect EP to add party drugs etc.

    Ahh well. That's what the bubble blower is for ;)

  3. Vampires will not have coffins as they will live in starter homes and be unable to tell the difference.

    (Your true word said in jest moment for the night)

  4. ^Mare! :-P Almost miss this. lol Gawd, I would hate EA for that. Already too lazy to make them die in the sun.


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