Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Switch virus is child's play!

It all started with Evergreen, Alexis and Simsy/StrawberryCayke having a bit dust up with Clover in another thread. Clover sometimes goes by Switch by the way. Anyway Clover joked she was a virus sarcastically and the trio kept up with trying to piss Clover off. Well the perfectly good thread that turned into this, got deleted. Well they weren't finish having "fun":
They started a whole thread just for this! And you wonder why EA doesn't want to give us anything?
Oh really? I think it's a few people who can be consider a virus to the forum, but no one deserves to be called that. By the way Evergreen is back hating people ...*cough cough* me. You like me, you don't like me! Make up your mind! I'm not going to keep going back and forth! Oil and water we are! Anyway, Rinirae said what probably most were thinking, while Clover decided to laugh with them, instead of be laughed at.

Well this is when the mature 21 year old comes in. It appeared to me a mean joke, because the three of them don't like Clover. I found it to be tasteless, immature, and a waste of board space. I made sure to show my dissatisfaction. Sure Clover is sarcastic and rubs people the wrong way, but do you need bash her every time you see her. Also you don't see me making a thead to point and laugh at the people I don't like. I will occasionally butt heads with certain people, but that's it. I know I will get bashed for slamming their silly little joke, but I don't give a damn!

I love you guys (Cay and Alexis), but come on guys! Isn't this consider flaming? Are trying to get Clover banned? Well Clover isn't that dumb and she isn't the worse on the forum. Far from worse. We just got new pages, the new Ep is coming out, what impression are you giving the mods? All I can do shake my head at this one. No I'm not saint either, but come on!

Note: Also I heard alot people thought this virus was a real threat to look out for. It was a dumb joke, so please calm down!


  1. yeah, it was just a joke, we didnt want to get her banned, and yeah, jokes hurt sometimes, a lesson I've learned many times but forget a lot. I'm sorry, it wasnt my idea, but it's as much my fault as anyone's for going along with it and saying what jake and cay wouldnt. sorry ): we just wanted to liven up the forums a bit, and since switch isnt offended by anything really (well, that's what she makes it seem like).
    and yeah, jake can be your friend one minute and hate you the next, that's just him, he does it to everyone mostly, unless he's trying to suck up, so.. it's not just you (:
    I knew I could have gotten banned, but somehow I didnt, I kinda wanted to see how far I could go and not get banned/ stupid, I know, but eh, I'm known for my stupidity. I'm still learning, I'm still a teenager, live and learn...

    I feel really bad, so if switch reads this, I'm sooo sorry and I feel really really bad.

  2. aw Alexis! *hugs* It's ok! Very mature of you and we all make mistakes. I hope i didn't come off harsh in my post. I know you guys are still young.

  3. Alright, alright.
    I admit, I was wrong.
    I didn't really think it'd go so far as to this. I honestly, feel awful about it and I know now we're going to be trashed talked for it. It was a joke=No we weren't trying to get Switch banned. I dislike her but I shouldn't have said the things I said. I'm sorry for making a mockery of myself. And I was making stupid actions without thinking. I'm young I'm going to do stupid things and live with the regret of doing it and live with the consequences. I'm sorry, I truly am. Things went too far and can't be change. I'm sorry, I can't say it enough. I am though. I made a fool of myself and I'm sure it's going to catch up with me in the long run. If Switch reads this, sorry to you too :l I didn't mean to take things so far.

  4. Very good blog vidkid.
    I am not a fan of clover,but she shouldn't have been ganged up on like she was.

  5. Switch is perma banned, and she uninstalled her game. That's what she told me a few days ago on my blog. In the chatbox.

  6. Yep. This is what she said...
    "I got rebanned, again...Good god, EA. This is the third time in a I guess i'll leave. I keep getting banned again, and everyone hates me. I'm kinda sick of it. I uninstalled my Sims game, also. Yeah....bye."
    So yeah, I guess she's gone for real now :(


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