Monday, July 5, 2010

Do us a favor? Shhh!

Begging for gifts is usually looked at in not the most favorable light by some simmers, but sweet mmp_megg was the least simmers worries on this thread.
Oh yes it's CloverSwitch and livinsweet40 are the ones you need worry about!
Poor mmp_megg.
A hero to save this thread?
Yes we are saved! Bless you octojenn!

Correction livinsweet40 is the person to worry about.
Well that looks like end of it.... *breathes sigh of relief*
Ok, did she just say that???
Ok, I guess she did.
Faceplam (Polar Bear) Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes, Mare please do it! We wanted hear your take!
Anyway this deserves a gold and a sliver of the sticky kind.

duct tape Pictures, Images and Photos
Livinsweet40 apply directly to mouth and typing fingers! Clover use if needed! :-P


  1. That's too long a fight for me to read it all.

    All I can say is. . .CAT FIGHT!


  2. This is Wolfie. :D Niceee! I actually think Mare's Nest should see this. xD I wonder how they feel about people who ask for gifts from the Store...? xD

  3. Yeah really! Someone needs to duct tape those fingers so they don't have access to the forums!

  4. Lol your right Vidkid! That was pretty stupid fight. I read like 6 posts of their fight and I left the thread. Wow that was so imuture *rolls eyes*

  5. The girl needed to go to the sims3blog and check out the multiple posts in the comments under that wedding pack and download a pirated errrrr some people did...hehe

    I totally missed this thread, all I saw were some kids having a circle jerk over how many friends they had on the forums lol.....GD is such a hole now >.<

  6. Oh God! LMAO! Some people! 'if it wern't for me the thread would be dead' Correction, if it wern't for her the thread wouldn't be filled with aruments.

    I ge completely what Clover was saying and with the girl who gifted the OP I understand that she wanted to just do a little thing to make someone else happy. Just a small gesture, to make her day.

  7. LMAO! That was hilarious! Definetly made my day. It's good that they would do that for that girl. :)


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