Monday, July 19, 2010

Emily your sim request! Kamijo!
Yay! Emily is back! Your celeb:
CC as in pic:
-Store clothes
-Blue book hair
-Akiea Guinea skin
-Oh my eyes by Tiffany from MTS


  1. I really don't like that guy... He just seriously creaps me out... *shrudders* Still, you got a good likeness in his Simmie.

  2. Really well done Vidi!
    Umm can you make me Jarvis Cocker? huh huh huh
    Not jarvis 2010 but Jarvis 1996. lol.

  3. I thought the rl guy was a girl at first, and I was all like, "Wut, Vid? I think you got confused . . .", but then, I realized he dint have breasts. Er, yeah.
    But for some reason I want to keep looking at him, even though he's kinda creepy. O_O

  4. Lol, Kamijo? creepy? Pfft, Kamijo is amazing <3


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