Saturday, July 17, 2010

The mods must have went out drinking again last night!

Chama returned yesterday...
to be only sent away for being on topic!

While Simcrazed "say something you like about the simmer above" game...
got carted away!

Oh, mods don't drink and mod. You already useless anyway, why be a pain in the ass as well? smiley mad Pictures, Images and Photos

*sigh* Probably still smug about the new profiles we should of had awhile ago!


  1. Yet we have our latest troll going around starting fights in just about every other thread. "Jamesmc".
    Go figure.

  2. i think ive seen that name today. Have to watch out for her.. or him.

  3. We should have got those profiles when the SITE FIRST STARTED!!! Grrrrr..... Stupid EA. And whats wrong with going OT? At PP e do it all the effin' time! UGH!! EA is messed up big time.


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