Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My birthday: bowling, a black out, and a melted ice cream cake!

Well me, my family and friends decided to go bowling! Been awhile since I went and thought why not. Better than sitting in the house. I was also happy I got my ice cream cake. :-D Anyway it starting raining really hard! I watching tv at time and doing my hair. I'm like wow that's great, it's raining on my birthday! I decided that this would not ruined my day and I decided to get ready for to go out. All of sudden the lights go out, the tv shuts off, and all electronics go out. I'm like this is not happening?! I run downstairs and the fridge/freeze is off too. It only takes like 30 mins for a ice cream cake to thaw and the freaking power is out! Not only that it's hot and I was sweating. I didn't want leave the house like it was or leave my poor dog in the dark all alone. Well it took about couple hours to come back on, more than 30 mins. I didn't even want look at my cake. Just left it in the freezer. I knew it was going be melted. Every year something happens! *sigh*

We got to the bowling alley eventually and played in the little arcade there for a minute first. I played some shooting game and Dance Dance Revolution. I probably look like a complete idiot jumping around, but I figure it's my birthday I might as well. :-P After that, I got around to bowling and made one lousy strike, a spare, and lot of gutter balls. It was so late I only played two games. Then I got home and ate pizza. I didn't really drink much. :-/ I have all year for that I guess.

Well back to the cake. We decided to stick a candle in it and do it a real quick blowing out the candle thing. I opened it up and it was melted on the sides and kinda flat.

(Yes, I blurred my name. Too many eyes!)
Anyway stuck a candle in it and it was sinking while they were singing Happy Birthday. I got to blow it out though. Then we had ice cream soup...er ..cake. 
Mmmmm....soupy! When I took that pic I was almost finished. Had to eat it quick! Still taste good. Wasn't a total loss! 
Sorry I would have took more pics, but my camera sucks. Had a good time though. :-P

By the way Mare:

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I wish, but maybe it's good I'm not drunk or hung over. Just would of added to more typos and constant ramblings! Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. Awww, not the ice cream cake.
    That's the best part:(

    Glad you had fun tho. Ya deserve it:)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Poor cake.. :[ glad you had fun! =]

  3. ty guys! First time ever tried ice cream cake and the power goes out. i have great luck. :-/

  4. That sounds like a fun party to me and.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY (whoo for being late ;)

  5. Mmmm, caek. I haff yellow cake with chocolate frosting. :) :)

  6. Glad you had a good birthday despite all the drama.


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