Thursday, July 1, 2010

More updating coming to you live!

First off Happy Birthday to Cece and my Grandmother!
Cece has had problems with store stuff so please ask her first before gifting her!

Where have I've been? I have been trying make my grandmother birthday a happy one so sorry for late update and why haven't seen much today. I also been trying to finish my comp pics, which I did yesterday. When I get results I will post them, no matter if I get eliminated. When I do my comp pics, I kinda neglect my blog. Sorryz!

Anyway hasn't been much going on the forums, but have notice something. I shall ramble on about in my next update, which will be today. :-P Back to work!

1 comment:

  1. Vid I could just hug you to bits!! You are the sweetest person! Your Grandmom's b'day is the 1st too?! Awesome!

    I'm not looking at getting gits...economy and all that good stuff and that's cool.:) I did get a cute dress and surprise surprise even with launcher issues it downloaded!

    I had a great birthday and couldn't have asked for a better one!



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