Friday, July 2, 2010

Before the drama begins...I'm putting out the fire on my end!

Taken from Spychip blog:
First off, Spychip! *hugs* Be friends whoever you like. They can only respect you decision. I have no problem with your post, but I must explain myself.

Now Blaz I do not dislike her, I have spoken with her on Kelle's chat box and we are cool. Whatever impression I gave I disliked her I'm sorry.

Jess, lets just say I do not trust her because...well she knows, but that is the past! I do not blame Blaz for that. Will I be great buddys with Jess? No, but I will keep my distance. I wish her luck.

Erick... I wil not get into that. I will just say I'm keeping my distance respectfully.

Now I wanted to say this before everyone come running over here calling me two faced and hating my guts. Even if say this I will porbably be called every name in the book, but I do not want Blaz thinking I'm being two faced to her, because she has enough friend problems. I'm staying out of this by saying nothing more. Laterz!

Edit: If Jess would apologize I would have no problems with her, but I would still keep my distance.


  1. Fully support your post. I do not like either, but I do not HATE them, and I also have my reasonings [personal, and just from life experience because I'm an old bat] for disliking and not wishing to associate with them.

    And if Spy really doesn't wish to speak to me because of it all, then that's her choice. Won't force her to make one.

    Keep your head up!

  2. Oh this brings back memories of middle school(not such a memory cause it was about a month ago).

  3. lol this reminds me of high school. I hated high school!

  4. I don't even know what's going on with them, but yeah, it's very reminiscent of high school/jr. high. They're still that age though, right? Still in the middle of that world?

    There are so many things to say...and I guess so many things to keep in also. Ah well.

  5. No Vid! I didn't think you disliked me. I didn't think that at all. No idea where either you or Chippy got it from. But hey, it's cool.

    And if anyone tries coming here calling you two faced, I will be whacking them away with the oversized encyclopaedia. THEN they can try calling you two faces. kay? =)

  6. Oh, and to everyone else. Say what you like, I won't react or probably care in that direction. I've always believed people should have their own options and should be allowed to voice those opinions. So, go ahead.

  7. I'm sory about the whole miss-understanding. saw your post about the shit we caused on the forums and I took offence, I thought you were upset with me and there were comments on my old blog were I felt like everyone was attacking me over the FuryRed thing... So anyways, yeah I'm sorry about that. And the *vomits* comment... I was having a bad day, I had this hell of a sore ear and ugh!

    As with e and Blazaxx, I havetol Chippy that I know how it feels to be piggy in the middle and she can be friends with both me AND Blazaxx and whomever else she may choose. I'm not judgemental or controlling. =-)

    And yeah, I think we just got off to a bad start but we're both in the I Hate The Geek Club! XD

  8. thank u Jess! Thats all I wanted and it was very mature u to apologize. ^_^ I apologize for giving u a hard time. We all did silly things on forum at one time or another.

    Oh and thank u Blaz. I know u never dislike me and glad u dont. *hugs* As for any haters who pop in I turned anon comments off so they would have to post wit names anyway and they are to cowardly to do that. I wish they would.:-P

    i hope ladies make up some time. :-(

  9. Yes, we al do daft shit at some point. XD
    I hate anon comments too, it's alright if they at LEAST leave a name but still...

    I think me and Blaz are beyond repair, but never mind.


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