Friday, July 30, 2010

Where is the entertainment? More rambling!

The froum is soooo boring these days. Rarely anything funny or interesting. I also haven't had any inspiration to play or make any new sims accept doing celebs. *gasp* That reminds me, Tobz ask me do one. Hehe, start it tomorrow. For real this time! :-D Anyway, when it's nothing going on I usually go off and do something else. I'm not going blog about just anything, at less I think it's important, funny or interesting. So excuse the lack of updating here.

I have also been keeping mum about certain blogs I read. Mare mention one blog that had a post regarding a past situation, but I saw it before they even posted it. Yes, I sometimes stumble upon blogs and give them a read. I'm not going respond really to any other blogs at less I really feel like I need too anymore. A bunch hypocrisy anyway. I also don't need anymore lecturing on that situation, thank you.

I must be doing something right though. 50,000 hits! :-) I would like thank everyone, The Mare Nest, and FuryRed. They are top two blogs that I get most of my traffic from. Blogger has a new stat thing I've been checking. It's really cool. Thank you guys! <3

P.S. I'm being a good far.


  1. Well, most of the people are either keep silent out of fear of being banned, or they have been banned. EA doesn't know what forum fun means, otherwise people wouldn't have been banned for bananas and bagels. It's dumb, that forum is quickly going down the drain.

  2. I still have fun on it, but then I'm only ever in the modeling section, though I'm not able to be on as often as I used to. GD is a hole and has always been a hole.
    If I had the time I'd spend more time at Sim Sanct and Cstyles rather than the EA site.

  3. the only fun i can find on the EA forum anymore, is the Navek baby momma thread. i cant even help ppl anymore, someone either always beats me to it, or its an ambitions question i dont know. altho seems most ppl are talking more about late night than ambitions lol

  4. This is,unfortunately the way EA wants the forums to be.
    It would be nice if they gave us an OT section but that will NEVER happen.
    They don't want to have to moniter that.
    I visit 1 other forum besides the official EA and 2 blogs.
    I've been to many others and narrowed it down to my 3 favorite places to go.


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