Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm really sorry to say this, but I told you so! Goodbye Erick!

First off, when I first read this I was speechless and a bit taken aback. I read it about 3 times now and it's still pretty shocking. Who would think Jess would be the one to unmask the infamous Erick! Like OMG! Erick was in top three of suspects though. The only thing that was throwing me off was his location on ts3 site and something told me if can pretend to be granny to throw off Mare, then can't simply fake a location? Yes, I will admit I went snooping when that ip address was discovered, but I figure it wasn't worth the headache or time. They apologized the best they could and that was it. I was extremely curious as to who though, but I figured the person would be revealed or nothing would come of it.

What made me think it was Erick? A few things. The comment attacking me on Jess' blog and his apology.

As I said no random person would of have took my name out her post and decided to take the time to insult me. It was one sentence saying we made up, but someone with bone to pick with me would use this as opportunity to slam me. He called me "21 year old loser." Someone who reads my blog would know I'm turning 21 in few days also and Erick was definitely reading my blog. The apology was classic Erick though. He can never apologize without putting BS in it, "no reflection on you personally" or  this one under let them squirm post, "I wanted to work things out with you, but if you feel it's necessary to call me windbag, and to demean me like a school-girl, that's your own fault."

Never apologizing or trying to make nice without throwing a insult in. The whole apology under the anon tag was not only classic for him, but it read like him. The biggest thing of course was his whole involvement in the Jess and Blaz thing. He got himself into for the publicity and love thrill making more drama. Making nasty comments only fueled the fire more as he wanted Jess think it was Blaz's doing, so whatever bullshit he was telling Blaz would be true. Then he would be the good guy and the fighting would continue. All while he watched for entertainment and got publicity. 

He always wanted to come out looking like good guy and be Mr. Famous. He try hard to make me look like the biggest villan for saying the truth and failed. He claimed to not to be anon comment when clearly someone had ratted him out as seen below.
 He suddenly had a blogger account when I banned all anon comments.

Well what I've and Mare been saying over and over again has been proven. He was not good guy, he saw his internet friends as pawns in his little game of being famous, and everyone who said "he's really nice when you get know him" he used you! You got get to know him for him to be civilaized and not be shit starter? How dumb is that?! You guys don't know him and it appears he has lied about everything! Where he lives and who he is! You never knew him, but you let him charm you into thinking you knew him!
For everyone who said I was picking on him, grow up, well now I can say I told you so! I freaking told you so!!!! Damn that feels good! FFS it wasnt even a year and everyone wanted to say he changed and now you see!
Now for his apology:

I accept, but he has long way to go to get back on my good side. He better take a long vacation and think about his actions, but he did some really shitty stuff to people and lied about a lot things. This is the internet, but people have feelings. I wish him good luck though as I always have.

What can we learn from this? If it smells like a asshole, it probably a asshole. Let's hope he get his act together! Another lesson is to not be so trusting of people who have a past history of shady things, because sure they can change, but how do you know if they really have or haven't. No one can truly change that fast! They wanted me to give in, to shut up, to apologise for saying the truth. Well I didn't and wasn't about to either! I may not get it right all the time, but I was damn sure I was right on this one. Like I said, I told you so!


  1. Headache headache headache.

    I don't like soap operas now, and I never ever will

  2. Oh Vid. Scores for Kawaii are up ;)


  3. What better way to make your first post -40 000 view post than being able to say 'I Told You So!' :D

    Despite what happened to CloverStarDropper as well (and yeah, we know not everyone's as fond of her as us - heck, she doesn't even like us!), today has been a good day.

    For once, the good guys won.

    We're all off our separate ways for the rest of the night to play Sims 3 (and waiting to see which of us is brave enough to try installing that new patch first!)

    Night night!

  4. Mare! night and good luck with the patch. :-D I dont think i will update till i kno for sure. im in two comps so it would suck if my game stop working now.
    And the whole Erick thing was perfect timing. its feels awesome to say "I Told you so!" xD
    Laterz Mare. You guys and Jess made my night! :-P

  5. OMG all this stuff makes my head hurt from confusion.

    I'll just stay ignorant, for my brain's sake ;P

  6. ^To sum it up Erick admitted to starting drama and wanting to be famous in the simming community. He got caught and I was right! Thats pretty much it. Not that hard folks. :-D

  7. Erick's always been a twit and an asshole. Glad to see him owning up to this mess before he cut and run but I, for one, am not surprised.

    And to clarify, no, he's never done anything wrong to me personally but he has done a fair job of being a complete ass to my friends up to and including threatening physical violence (never mind the impossibility of that scenario. It's the thought that counts, right?)

  8. Yay, Vid! That phrase makes you feel good doesn't it?

  9. Glad hes taking some time to evaluate his perception on life and how he interacts with the people in it.....can only hope that he ACTUALLY does that. There's more than enough narrow minded asshats out there, we don't need anymore.

  10. I'm not saying you're wrong vid, but I do believe there are two sides to each story, I have one sides story, now I just need the other. I've managed to stay away from all this drama, as I've been on vacationg, but I've been reading some blogs, and I felt the need to comment here. I'm not taking sides though, I neve do. Ericks my friend, I fink, so ill stick up for him if I need to, if I think I should, if people have the wrong idea about him. Yeah, he is a dick sometimes, but eh, I believe there's a good side to everyone. Yeah, the post was mean in ways I can't explain, but its your blog so say whatever, ill keep my comments to myself, I usually do:p. Like I said, there are two sides to every story...
    There my opinion, hate me for it if you want, feel free to disagree, whatever, prove me wrong if you want to, fine with me.


  11. ^^ Alexis^^ I do too,believe there is two side of a story.But if what Ericks drama got everyone upset,I believe Vidkid has the right to say "I told you so".

  12. I installed the patch (hesitantly) and I didn't have any issues with it. It was also said to fix some save error thing too... Oh and I'm going to install Amibitions tonight. Pray for me, everyone.

  13. Viddy, You make a great post everytime. I dont know what it is but you put things in my mind, good things. more power to ya!



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