Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Mare's Nest! Have a seat! Let's talk!

Mare Nest team, what happen? You haven't reported on the forums in days! Very few post and now they are mostly shirts! You haven't mentioned any of latest forum news. I caught some stuff, but you are the only blog that catches it all!

Are you doing this to make a point? Are you giving up because you don't want be gossip blog? Is it because the computer problems with one of team members? Nothing that catches your eyes? What is it? Please tell us why!!!

I feel that drama that happen before my birthday is the cause of this and I feel responsible! I will not stop posting about you or bothering you till you answer me! Zeri has made a post about how your blog is changing and you have not answered it. It has gone on for too long and I want answers!

Don't get me wrong I love the shirts, but something is not right! I no longer enjoy reading your blog and many others feel the same way! You can't change it up now. I know it's your blog, but please don't change it for good! You guys are people who are not suppose to care about what people think! I will wait a few days, but if  get no answer I will yell at you again and I don't like yelling! :-(

P.S. *Ducks tomatoes from all the Mare haters* Flame me all you want! I couldn't hold it in any longer!


  1. I agree. All I see it nothing but shirts! What is happening to you? D:

  2. I miss the Mare.

  3. maybe they will listen to you vid. they didnt see my post i guess.
    we miss you Mares :'(

  4. I've been wondering what's up, too. D:

  5. I checked Mare today.. they actually posted something other than shirts. :]


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