Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Gothique Asignment 3 Results!

Actual Scene:

10/10 - Film Representation
9/10 - Creativity
9/10 - Picture
9/10 - Overall
It took me a while to notice the monster in the background, and it scared the crap outta me! lol I really love this picture, and don't really know why. The thing that really bugs me, though, is that the picture seems a bit sparse…maybe putting more props would made it look a bit better. Well done!

10/10 - How well your picture represents the film assigned
8/10 - Creativity
8.5/10 - Picture
8.5/10 - Overall: You represented the picture like really well! But I just find it a bit simple for my likings. I would have liked something more standy-out-ish lol. Still, good job.

Total: 72/80

The last entry is still my fav and best so far. :-D

P.S. The next assginment is a hard one. Have to do one of the seven sins and I got sloth. Have do a poem and a pic. Wrote the poem, but the pic is killing me!!!! I might share the poem laterz!


  1. Good job with both assignments! xD

  2. thank you. i just did my first editing on a pic for my next assignement and im quite please with myself. :-D
    hopefully it's not edit too much. just did some brightning and tweak the contrast. ;-)


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