Friday, December 14, 2012

Been busy with Roxie's Rehab...

Well this was going be a post with me whining about my own problems, but I'll take the complaining out and add more of a laugh. I can't bear to post complaints or anything depressing today after watching the local news.

Sooooo Roxie is home! Just been so busy and overwhelmed with the instructions and piles of meds they sent home with her. They literally gave us a book on how to rehab her week by week. She even has to wear e-collar/cone thing around her neck, so she doesn't bite or lick at the staples she has in her leg now. Didn't think it would be that bad and I never thought I would have a dog with collar thing on. I use to laugh at dogs with those collars. Karma bit in me butt with this I guess. lol Poor Roxie. She hates wearing it too, but she seems to really need it now. She was trying get at her leg a lot today. She may have to wear it to bed tonight, which won't make me happy. She already woke me up 9 (more like 8) in the morning with it in my face. She also likes to trick me into taking it off by going over to water bowl. >_> On the plus side, I do find her bumping into things amusing.

As for other stuff, we have to put an ice pack on her leg 3 to 4 times a day for 10 mins. Then force pills down her throat two times a day. She also has be to closed up in the kitchen and since she is a huge cry baby, I have to visit her frequently. She really use to following me and running around free. Why I've been kind MIA. A combination of feeling sorry for her and being way too tired to do anything when I could sneak away.

Well today she has e-collar on, so I don't have to watch her every move. Why I'm here now. lol

As for the rest of the stuff I gotta do, we have to take her back in 5 days (Sunday or Monday) to get this medicine patch thing they put on her other leg for pain or something. Then I gotta get them to check her ears. I think she has ear infection again. Poor thing can't get a break! Then we gotta start using a hot water bottle on the wound. Then after 2 weeks, we got take her back again to get the staples out. I'm waiting for that. If we can get to that point, I think we're doing good.

LOL I told you it was book, but I will be sooooo happpy when this is over and she's back to herself. I had no clue we would have to do all this. All this from jumping off my bed?! o_0
She's hiding her face in shame. xP She also keep looking at me as she can kind of see me here in the dinning room. I feel so guilty. >_<


  1. Aw the poor thing. So undignified lol! At least it is a clear cone - I've previously seen pets with white cones on, which must be worse because then they can't even see what's going on properly. She'll be just fine with you taking care of her Vid :)

    1. *hugs* She's a bit better, but she did try to lick at her staples again after a few days without her the cone thing. It's healing though, so I guess I'm doing something right. xD


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