Monday, December 31, 2012

From 2012 to 2013: Thoughts....

Soooo 2012 is finally over soon. I have a few hours left. I'm really glad it's almost over. I'm looking forward to new year and fresh start.

Stuff that I fulfill in 2012:
You can check pretty much everything off here.
  • I found a focus and went back to school, so you can't say I didn't do anything or tried.
  • I'm back or pretty close to my original weight. Not only do the new jeans I brought for school sag, but my tight jeans old jeans have space in them too. Haha! My only regret, is pigging out during holidays. Oh well. xD
  • I got Seasons to play on this computer. It's miracle!
  • And to add one, I have so much more confidence in myself! :)
Stuff I want for 2013:
  • I wanted see Roxie get back to her spunky self. Running around, playing with toys, etc.
  • I want a job for real this time! I don't care if it's in fast food or cleaning up, I want make honest living.
  • I want to fall hopelessly in-love.... with the right guy <3
  • I want to get my health in order
  • I want a new computer if I keep buying Sims games. >_<
  • I want to better myself. Stop letting my emotions get the best of me
  • I want be here in the Sims community and see where the series goes. You can't make me leave! I refuse! ;)
  • I don't want to get banned anymore. lol
My New Year's revolution is to get a job and figure out what I really want to do in life though! Maybe meet some new people too. Experience life a bit.

My father is also talking about moving again and he seems serious this time. Eh, I don't know. We'll see. I got all year! :D

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