Saturday, December 1, 2012

The last of winter: Igloos and Aliens

Meh I meant to post these earlier, but it got kind of busy. Well I'm kind of creeped out by my game at the moment and fed up with my comp pic, so time to post pics. Just a min ago I was too scared to zoom in on some sims I whipped up for my pic. The one holding the toddler seemed odd. I may have some bad cc, but I really hope I'm just sleepy and seeing things. Well so far things seem ok in my Hidden Springs game. Fewer pics this time due to blogger storage space being filled b/w. So...

Oooo pretty. ^_^
I met my first alien finally! I made friends with him, but he seems to be attracted to my sim Mikey. That would be fine if he wasn't taken.
Saw my first igloo at the fire station. Odd place I know.

A trip to the park where they found plenty of space and snow for their own fun.
Igloo building time.

Zzzz igloo nap. I know I'm boring. You were waiting for woohoo weren't you? xD
Well then the guys decided to go to Shane's party, which was strangely at his house. It's suppose to be a pool party, but I'm pretty sure it's no pool there.
I also found it odd my sims would be the only ones with swimming trunks on in the snow.
0_o Brave isn't he? Or maybe crazy.
After that amusing glitch of a party, I sent them home for their own little party. I invited the alien from the earlier pics and he came in a spaceship. Well I heard it, but didn't get a good look. Scared me actually. lol
Stop perving over Mikey. -_-
Gifts! I was so surprised to see them actually sit gifts down.
Then the alien sat down and did this. WTF? Cool.
Liam stop being a man whore! You married FFS!
Mikey opening the first present. I believe he got some seasonal coal. Aw he's been naughty? lol
I forgot what Nick got. All the gifts were random stuff.
That's pretty much it. The party was a major success! :D
Now I'm into spring and it's still snow on the ground. I hope it melts. :/ Loving the game so far. Probably combine Spring and Summer in the next pic spam. 

P.S. Still trying to get my sim abducted too. If that ever happens, I'll definitely post pics of that.

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