Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Touch of Spring (Part 1?) Slightly Pic Spammy

Spring is finally here. I finally got to play a little without interruption or incidents. Still got some cleaning out to do in the old mod folder, but everything seems normal now.
After seeing this pic, I kind of lightened up on the guy liner. xD

My first experience with the kissing booth. Since Nick is the rebel of the two and flirt, I decided to send him over there. 

 Haha, I love the new animations.

 A panic on the dancefloor? o_0
 Then my game froze after clicking my player wall/the online features, but I picked it back up and sent them to the park over again. Then this dude needed medical attention and everyone in the park started freaking out...
 Dr. Mikey on the case. I think he's on level 10 or close in his career. :D

 "Take this huge a** pill and call me in the morning."
Mikey saves the day. ^_^
Now I haven't searched for Easter Eggs or celebrated Love day, so you may get a part 2 of this. Blogger was nice to me with uploading these, so we'll see. :)


  1. Right before Dr Mikey hands out the huge pill (and my word that thing is enormous!) he looks as though he's going to put a sander on the patient's face!

    1. LOL It does look like a sander. I love how ridiculous the sims is sometimes. We more sillyness. xD


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