Thursday, December 27, 2012

*sigh* People disappoint me...

This was going be a post full of drama and ranting, but I think I did enough today. I just got a bit angry and wanted to defend someone. I hope that person is ok.  I don't wanted make things worse, so I'm done with that whole situation. :(

I'm just really tired of seeing people I genuinely like turn into dicks though. I've made mistakes, but some people have really become completely different people. Maybe it's the friends they have? I don't know. Personally, I would rather be alone, than stick around with a bunch ass wipes. I really would rather be alone, then turn into a douche. I also hate how two-faced people can be. I beginning to wonder who's real.

So just please be upfront. I don't need anyone to be my friend for the heck of it. If you have issues with me or feel guilty talking to me, you don't have to stay. Un-follow or un-friend me even.

And we already know I'm not going change for anyone, so you can either stay or GTFO. lol As for everyone else, you're awesome.  :)

P.S. This isn't about anyone specific. Not even about what I was originally was upset about. Just some thoughts and please don't comment if you're going be a complete ass about it. I can turn comments off.  -_-

Edit: Today just really sucked. The one thing I enjoy on the sim site, put me in horrible mood. I can't even imagine how the poor person I was defending feels.


  1. eh i totaly have days like this. sometimes humanity in general just makes me want to go postal. it can be ...really hard to look at people and not just automatically see 'douchebag'
    chin up, kiddo. not every one out there is a prick :) (and sometimes pricky people are just having a bad day)

  2. I ♥ you just the way you are, Viddie. I also wish I could read people's minds when they suddenly become giant assholes, but from my experience, it always seems to be the same thing (putting up a dickish facade to compensate for some private insecurity). For someone worthwhile, I may wait out the phase, but for most people... definitely not worth the effort. >.>

  3. I agree with Zeri and Archivist. Sometimes people are already in a bad mood and something sets them off or irritates them to the point where they say enough is enough. I see it all the time at work and honestly, once people cool down, they realize they were out of line and say they are sorry.

    In any case, sometimes it's better to let the dust settle so you can see what's left to work with.

  4. Aw I <3 you guys too! :)

    I can understand people being in a bad mood, because I get like that sometimes and often put my foot in my mouth. xD

    I just wish people would think before typing sometimes though and take consideration of the other people involved. A lesson I can learn myself at times I guess. I also hate when people gang up on one person. Like "yuck"! Highschool much?

    As for friends, it's been quiet and I don't feel as close to some people as before. Then couple with earlier incident with someone I thought I knew, it's makes me wonder about some people.

    I guess it's just one of those days huh? >_<

    Anyway, don't ever change ladies. Thank you for your wonderful advice. :)

  5. With friends as with chocolates, I'll take quality over quantity every time :D

    Hope you have a better day today Vid and don't let the people acting like fools get you down.


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