Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Joined an elf comp and found a pose site... (I know such a catchy title)

First off, I found a new pose listing site.

I'm probably late as usual, but I stumbled upon it and found a lot poses. Please be careful looking at some of the poses there though. They have some really adult/graphic poses there, which blinded me when I clicked the home page. The creator has updated since then so I guess they moved them down to the next page. Still really graphic! The page I'm linking to just has descriptions though, so you're safe clicking that. :)

Next I joined another comp:
This makes 2 that I'm in. Yes only 2! :P An elf comp hosted by Ninja. She made me join! lol It's a lot talent in this one. LE and Simians for example. I'm a little intimidated. I don't know much about elves. We'll see how long I last in this one.

To end this, I'm kind of playing with the idea of starting another comp of my own. I meant to do Little Boy Twisted (male version of my last comp), but life got in the way. Then I have another idea for Supernatural type of comp dealing with one type of creature. I'm debating about starting any, because my family is probably going keep me busy doing the holidays. Hmmm... I'll think about it.


  1. Ohh, pffft, you'll hold your own and be there for awhile.

  2. Hey Em! You guys have me nervous already and it's only the first assignment. I'll try to keep it. ;)

  3. ahaha, yeah I noticed that comp. Definitely gonna lurk cause I imagine there's gonna be some amaze pics coming out of it... including yours :P
    And whats this about the male version of Little Miss Twisted, hm hm?

    1. Hey Caturae! :D

      Hehe I'm itching to start a new comp and I did promise that didn't I? ;) Once I make a banner and get it all together, I will definitely be doing another cycle.


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