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ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-1~ Pic + Scores *Updated*

Tied for 1st, but it was a lot ties and lots of confusion over scores. Some drama too, but the comp is still going and we got Quest 2. Thank goodness.

Update: I got knocked out of 1st place with new judges added. :/
For the story click here.
Not sure if scores will be changed or another judge will be add their scores in, but this is what I have...

10/10- uniqueness
10/10- photo relates to quest /story
10/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to race and/quest
10/10- Elven essence

this is great and very detailed, perfect story, just a little closer to the model, but its great, love the details in the sky and shooting star, just wasnt sure whats on the face of the elf on the right in the back?
a little more lighting on the face /body/ of your model would make her a little more to be the focus

8/10- uniqueness
9/10- photo relates to story/quest
8/10- photo quality
9/10-attire relates to race/quest
9/10- elven essence


Your story was unique with having the father tell it from his POV. I love the ritual scene and the colors all complement each other. I even enjoyed the shooting star even though is was casted among such a dark night. I enjoyed the attire of all including Aurora. I took points off of photo quality because I was interested in the red dressed with markings on her face but I couldn't see her. Maybe if she was positioned closer it would have added to the ohoto more.

10/10- uniqueness
9/10- photo relates to story/quest
9/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to elf race/quest
10/10- elven essence


Comments: I love the aboriginal feel to this photo. I love your creative use of clothing, it fits in well. I am unsure why Aurora is holding a bloody heart (any bloody parts should have gone into her, right?) and her positioning/pose seems a little odd. To me she looks like she is climbing out of the hot stones so I can go with it though. I like that you used the appropriate-colored lighting, but it seems to be set behind the elf on the far right and that keeps drawing my attention away from Aurora (her calves look so painfully sunburnt!). The rocks behind them seem unnaturally pointy and is needlessly drawing my eyes to the top left of the picture but overall, I enjoy the composition. I really like your story too and the idea that the father is sacrificing so much for his child. You did a good job!

Uniqueness - 10/10
Relativity - 9/10
Photo Quality - 10/10
Appearance - 10/10
Elven Essence - 9/10

Total - 48/50

Comments: You've added very nice details (even to the sky)! I love the ceremonial concept of this picture and the red hue that's reflecting off the blood elves. I couldn't have done the scene more perfect. Whatever you used for the "intestines of a demon" was very creative. I like how the blood leaked is the darkest color in the picture giving it that magical kick of how powerful it is and how it's able to create a blood elf. I have nothing else to say that could possibly make this entry better. Amazing work!

Again, I can't believe I even pull this off considering I had no idea what I was doing. I did try some new stuff.

Well for one thing, I wanted my setting to have a primitive feel to it and to look like it was set on another planet. Now I could of done that with the same old flat ground, but I decided to use the terrain tool for once and make hills. Then I played with some rocks and made a pit. Used the nasty bloody guts stuff I found and put skeleton in the background. I literally did my setting first without dressing anyone, because at the time I was deleting a lot CAS stuff to make room and clean out anything bad that might of sneaked in.

Anyway, I finally braved up and went in CAS. Dressed my models and plopped them down on the lot. I fast forward to night time and then posed everyone. Then I tried some new effects I hadn't really tried before, which you see if you look closely. I also spent some more time on the lighting and used different colors to make things pop.

As for the styling, I went with a primitive look with face paint and the clothing choices. The lady in the back has face paint and a mask on, which looked cool CAS. Didn't show up well in the pic though. I also see EA hair can be crappy as ever. I had to edit to fill in some spots.

As for editing, the moon and shooting star was edited in. Also added a few more stars so the sky wouldn't look so empty. Then I edited in the bloody heart in her hand with dripping blood and added some blood splatter on the rocks. If people look through my google history, they might think I'm psycho. lol I often just copy and use blood from google images. It's for my art I tell you! :P

So Quest 2 is up and I'm relieve since it wasn't looking so good at first. I just hope scoring next round goes much easier and no one complaints. >_>

Update: Scores were done over with 3 new judges. Still confusing, but I'm proud of my work this round and don't need extra scores to validate anything.  

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