Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale Thoughts!

Amazing!!!! Non-stop action and epicness!
Haha, yes I'm back with a review since it's the mid-season finale. It was no way possible I would review every ep. Didn't think it was going on break so soon though. :/

Do not pass this point- Major spoilers!

Squeeeee!!! It is no way I can go on about every freaking thing that happen, because it was so much. I will just touch on the main events and the few complaints I had watching.

First off, the fan girl in me must get this out! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Shane cameo!!!!!! You know it was coming. I did realize how much of dick he was re-watching Season 1, but it was nice seeing him again. ;) Ugh, but the beard and hair was um...was not attractive. I know it's for a movie he's working on, but ew. Oh well they made it work for the show. More on that scene later.

Soooo the show completely surprised me when they started off with new characters. Tyrese from the comics and some other people. Being that I haven't read the comics, I don't know him. From first impressions, he seems like a decent guy. :)

My only issue about the intro scene, is how the hell did Rick and co. miss the gaping hole in the wall?!  I know they mention they knew about the zombies being able to come in and out, but I think that should of been more of an issue since it was so easy for strangers to come in. I hope the Governor doesn't find that weak spot. 

Also Axel pervy scene with Maggie's sister and Carol was too funny! LOL

Next was the epic shoot out! I loved every minute of it! I'm also glad Glenn and Maggie got saved. I do find them annoying sometimes, but I would have been really upset if they died. Ugh, I hate Merle with a passion! Then the Governor is also living up to being the perfect twisted villain. I can't believe Andrea is still going along with him. She starting to head towards Lori territory. I just hopes she wakes up soon.

The fight with Michonne and the Gov was intense! So freaking awesome! The Gov totally went psycho when she killed off Penny/zombie daughter. By the way, it totally creepy when he was combing her hair. xD Anyway, you would thought I was watching a boxing match watching that. One of the best fight scenes in the series! Was funny when Michonne got her head pushed in the zombie tanks. Her facial expression was classic! Then the Gov getting stabbed in the eye was the biggest shocker! I knew he would live, but I was beginning to wonder if that was it for him. Well he has to live for Rick. They must meet!!! 

Then back to the shoot out with Rick, which show Rick is still losing his mind. Poor guy. He thought he was seeing Shane. Personally, I was super shocked to see they got Shane/Jon to do this scene! I thought Shane/Jon wouldn't be back for awhile or if ever. He's doing other things now. A movie even, which is why he had a beard. Still it was such a nice surprise! I loved it! Made me miss him for like a few mins. I kind of liked that they worked the beard in too, because it made me not even sure it was him. It was a genius scene! I hope more dearly departed characters come back as illusions. :)

Well after getting all happy and girly over Shane making a cameo, they killed off Oscar. WTF?! I joked with my father and grandmother that they would kill off Oscar to make room for the new black guy, but I didn't think they would actually do it. Ugh, could they had waited a bit to kill him off? Meh.  So sucky how they didn't even give Oscar a chance. Well we have a new black female and Michonne.  Just weird to see another strong black guy bite the dust so soon after T-Dog. I just hope Morgan comes back into the show and Tyrese stays too. It's rare to see a show with such diversity.

Oh and now to end this! Daryl and Merle meeting was sure unexpected! Bwhahaaha Merle got caught in his lies. He should of killed Michonne off when he had the chance. Good for him, but ughhhh for Daryl. I knew Daryl would run off like a puppy to find his dumbass brother, but I can't believe he got caught. He should of stayed with the group. I also love that the Gov has eye patch now and has become a total nut job for real this time! I died when it ended with this scene! Again with the cliff hangers!!!! WHY MUST WE HAVE MID-SEASON FINALES?!

Seriously why? *cries* I must live with my Sundays being totally boring again till February? Amazing Race is even about to end. Kill me now! Whuyyyyy?!!!!! Well I have to read fanfic till then, but I really can't wait. Bring it on now please? Please????

Stuff I'm dying to see (pun intended)
-How Daryl and Merle will escaped the Gov. Will Merle join the group? I hope not! Will Daryl stay? I hope so.
-Will the baby survive? They barely mention her. lol Thank goodness.
-Will Tyrese stay with Rick and co.? Probably.
-Will Michonne stay and stop making faces? xP
-Where's Morgan and his son?
-The evolution of Woodbury and the attack on the prison
-Will Andrea stop being a dummy in love? Will she go against her own group?
-Less of Carl (getting on my nerves like his mother)
-Will they leave the prison?

I have no predictions this time, because I been wrong about a lot things this season. I have no clue where they are going with this. They finally have me stumped! I love it!

Super late, but yeah goodnight. Hope I didn't forget anything. Can't wait for February! :D

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