Saturday, December 22, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 10 Pic, Story, & Scores!

1st- vid & henry - 1106/ TIE 

Sleeping Like The Dead 
I needed a break from it all. The dreams, the ghost, the thirst had become all tiresome. Even my maker’s company had become strained and unnecessary. One could say we didn’t see eye to eye anymore. So with the years and centuries going by like days, I took off on my own to travel. I wanted to find a cure or some sort of comfort from the endless cycle my life had become. I left without saying a word, leaving Victor alone to the world he welcomed me into so many years.

So how did I end up in coffin 6 feet under? Well through my travels I learned that the coffin is more important than expected. Ironically, I shudder at the thought of sleeping in one every night. I never thought in million years, I would be using it to escape into almost endless slumber. To end the sickening thirst, I decided to take this risk. You see I learned that the most focus and oldest of vampires have the ability to hibernate under ground without the need of blood. That such vampires could sleep for centuries and never be bother again.

All I needed was to be buried in my homeland and a decent coffin. So I took a coffin from a corpse and was unknowingly buried by dimwitted grave digger. At first I panicked doubting my abilities, but my eyes closed to my relief. So for once I was truly resting in peace hoping to never awake me again. No thirst, no pain, no consciousness, but then I open my eyes to the ghost of my sister looking down at me. I saw the night sky and heard a priest scream the Lord's name in vain. For his sakes, he better be praying I can sleep again... 

10/10-relates to contract
10/10- vampire essence
i think this was very good an unique, maybe if the ghost was closer to him, like the story says
all else i think is great and its cool that you included that vampires can sleep to avoid hunger, because that is a vampire fact

10/10- uniqueness
10/10-relates to contract
9/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to vampire type/and contract
10/10- vampire essence
There is something odd about the angle. I think this was nice, but the background could've been improved a bit. Like bring the priest a bit closer and maybe even having his sister..I don't know really. At least maybe looking in his direction. I do question who's idea is it was to dig up a corpse, lol. It's overall nice I just took a point away for the odd angle.

Squeeeee!!!! I got 1st! I was completely shocked and baffled at the fact I tied for 1st. I do agree with the criticisms, but I personally think I could of done better. Still I guess it was good enough to tie with Alicestorm pic, which was amazing! Lakross who came in 2nd was awesome too! I really don't know how I did it. I was for sure I was going get a horrible score. 0_o

So the assignment was something that helps them avoid or prohibits the thirst. Sounds simple, but it was just a extremely hard concept for me. All vampires know are biting and feeding off a people. That's all I can think about when I think of vampires, so I had no ideas going into this! Then I started having technical problems and rl stuff going on, which really had me not feeling it at all. I basically just hurried after stalling for awhile and did this one. I had another pic, but it wasn't very good. Just kind of bland in setting area compare to the others. Kind of glad I scrapped it since it didn't go with my story at all. -_-

Well then after moaning about it some more, I thought about the old school vampires and decided to do something based off of that.  I dressed up my model and extras. Posed Henry and the priest. Found a neat open coffin and I used the terrain tool to make dirt piles. Then I got the idea of doing a stupid angle to make it look better. lol Oh well. I also was going add snow, but I didn't wanted overly complicate things and wanted to get it done quickly.  Oh and I build a church too, but you can't see it. Don't worry you're not missing anything. xD

I still think I can do better and I plan on doing that for the finale. Yes the finale is finally here! I'm nervous, but I have somewhat of idea already. Ironically this picture has gave me that idea and a bit of path to how I should end this story wise. Wish me luck!

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