Monday, December 10, 2012

I dropped Roxie off for her surgery....

Well that sucked. Like it really sucked. I thought I would take it better than I did, but leaving her was awful. Ugh. I know I'm getting her back, but it was depressing. I literally just dropped her off a few hours ago.

So basically, they gave me the leash and harness. They had their own leash. Then we watched the vet assistant take her towards the back and she turned around to look at us. Then she turned the corner and was gone. Went out the door trying to hold back tears. I felt stupid getting teary eye over it since we're getting her back, but I really hated leaving her!

We don't get her back till Wednesday, so we have tonight and a full day of no Roxie around. My sleeping buddy won't greet me in the morning and no jingle from her collar. :(

So yeah her surgery tomorrow. I'm hoping everything goes ok. Keep her in your thoughts for me. Was hard typing this. I would be a complete mess if she was really gone, so thank goodness it's just surgery. Geesh, they are really like kids aren't they? When did I get this attached?! -_-

I'm going distract myself for these few days, because it's already really quiet. Never thought I would miss barking. *sigh*

P.S. To end this on a lighter note, no I did not see the surgeon vet guy. So no I did not get to "perv over him" or hold back laughter at the thought of Mare's post. So if I do see him on Wednesday and start laughing, I blame you Mares! [borrows smiley] 


  1. :(

    Thinking of you and Roxie. Let us know how she goes.


    1. *hugs* Thanks. I really appreciate it. :)

      They called and said she's doing ok so far. They going check on her in the morning and release her if everything is looking good. Then we're get instructions on how to rehab her and such. Still a relief to hear she's ok. Will definitely keep you updated. :D


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