Saturday, December 8, 2012

*gasp* Ace Attorney 5?!!!!!!

And it might actually come over here and be localized/ translated to English! I don't want to get too happy, but I'm freaking out a bit. Oh f*** I'm excited! I can't help it. Since Capcom epic f*** up with Ace Attorney Investigation 2 (with Edgeworth) not being localized after they had announced it, this is a dream come true. Please for the love all things be true! Please don't f*** this up! *sobs* Someone hold me! I've been waiting for this for years!!! Please be true! Please let this happen!

With the billions of fighting and shooting games that came out just this year alone, I need this game!


  1. Is that the game where he keeps shouting "OBJECTION!!"? My brother plays that on his DS and it always makes me jump when he starts shouting objection!

    1. LOL Yep that's it! xD You can use the mic or just push the objection button on the screen. I usually just push the button since my family would probably think I'm going nuts yelling at my DS. :P

    2. I see. So you're saying he could just be discretely pressing some button instead of screaming his head off and making me fall off my chair? Interesting! Actually I don't mind, it makes me laugh every time :D

    3. LOL Yep. He probably does it just to scare you. xD

      And thank you so much for the early X-mas present. You are so sweet. I really appreciate it. *glomps* :)


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