Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I finished [insert cool name] bar! No CC! Thoughts?

No name yet, but I have some ideas. I'm just happy to finally finish and complete a build for once. :) The place was inspired by a comp picture I did here. It was originally part of a set, which wasn't very big as you can see. I didn't wanted delete it though, so I decided to make it a project of sorts. Off and on I've been working on it. I wanted it to have a western and gritty pub type of feel if that makes sense. Then the casino stuff came up and I had to add it! It really added to the 2nd floor of the place. I did add some simming silliness upstairs with the karaoke machine and the maniacal bull, but I designed it to be somewhat realistic. I also added a basement, which is a tattoo parlor and has some arcade games. I haven't fully tested it yet, so things might change if sims have trouble getting to all the shiny gadgets in it, but for not being very skilled I surprised myself. :D
First floor/Entrance- The Main Bar

First Floor-The Game Room

The 2nd Floor- The Rest Area 

The 2nd Floor- Bathrooms

The 2nd Floor- Casino, karaoke and Drinks (2nd Bar)

Back downstairs....
The Basement-Tattoos and mini arcade

Again my skills are not with building, so do leave me some critiques if needed. 


  1. looks pretty nice! looks like its got everything

  2. Aw thanks. lol I did pack it with a lot stuff. All the store sets I got recently was too tempting. :P

  3. Oh wow ! I think you've done great. I love the western grit feel to it. I also really love the comp pic centered around it too. Great job !


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