Monday, July 23, 2012

Yep I've joined the busy doing other stuff crowd

I don't mean to keep leaving. I vowed to stick around last week and then I left again. lol I've been venturing out the house more and playing other games. I dug out my 3DS and I've gone back to the awesomeness of Harvest Moon. I also been looking for older games from my childhood for Nintendo 64. The graphics look like peanuts compare to modern ones of today. Never notice how cheesy they looked till now. Haha good cheesy fun though.

As for RL, when I get a chance I plan on getting a second hole in both my ears and asking about nose piercing as I'm still quite obsessed with the thought of getting my nose pierced. I'm a coward so it will most likely not happen. Meh maybe, but the thought of my seasonal allergies and a hole being in my nose doesn't sound like a great idea. >_<

Then it's other crap I have my mind set on doing before the summer is out. I'm not going say I'm officially back, because you know how I am. lol Just know that I'm here every so often. Back and forth. I'll be here fully some days and some days I won't. I've been bouncing between games. Sims being one of them, so I haven't abandoned that either. I also have comp pics to do, so I gotta turn the game on at some point this week. o_0

Now to go play some Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns. I'm trying to decide if I should move to the other town and grow crops for the summer or stay in the animal town. Decisions decisions decisions.....

P.S. It just seems like I've been playing hooky a lot lately here, so I felt compelled to say something. xP


  1. I thought about a nose piercing but suspect I'll lose too many studs through sneezing (I suffer from allergies too)!

  2. Hey Misstickle! :)

    Ughh it probably hurts to sneeze when you first get it done too. Just blowing your nose would probably be realy gross and painful for the first few weeks. I guess I have to think about it some more. I really want one tho. Having allergies sucks, but I guess it could be worse. >_<

  3. Boo! Don't join that crowd...XD. I know the feeling you want to stick around but you just can't and you end up posting just to apologize and let people know you haven't died. XD

  4. Exactly! LOL I'll try stick around like today back and forth doing stuff.

    Also hi SR! :D


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