Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot, lazy, hot, birthdays, zombies, blah....

And no not hot in physical way, because you don't even wanted see my hair right now. xD No I mean hot as in 100 degrees temperatures over here! I almost miss winter!!! I've been in a hot daze for like 2 days now. No energy. Just hot. I did try doing my next vampire comp assignment, but I'm going have to rethink it. I actually haven't played the actual game in a week, but I checked out Lucky Palms and I love the look of it so far. Looks like I may just have ignore the heat and get back to playing I guess. My brain feels like it's being cooked tho. o_0

Soooo other than that my birthday is coming? The 12th is almost here? Yeah...meh. 23? Really? Am I that old? Time feels like it's going really fast. :/

I also watched Season 1 of Walking Dead today. They had a marathon for Season 3 coming soon. I notice quite a bit I hadn't notice before and I got to see a episode I hadn't seen. I even missed a bit of the beginning, so I'm caught up now. I can't wait for October. As for my simming Walking Dead, I'm going try working on Daryl tonight. He's as difficult as I imagined him to be. We need more sliders! I also hope that Supernatural lets us have zombie apocalypses, because I'm going to be quite piss if not. I already heard that the new occult sliders will be off/on check boxes and they won't include zombies. WTH? >_>

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