Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 23! Weee!

It rhymes!
I'm usually not this cheerful or optimistic about my birthday. Well... 20 was shock to my system, 21 was cool, because I could drink then, 22 was alright, and with 23 is just seems like yeah you're really an adult now, so grow f*** up. lol I guess I'm just getting use to it. I won't be waving a cane telling the kids to get off my lawn quite yet, but I hope I can better myself this year. Again thank you for putting up with my immature 20, 21, and 22 self. Now be prepared to put up with the cranky old immature 23 year old me. Kidding. xP *hugs* Not sure what I'll be doing this year for it, but I just wanted to say have a great day for me! :)


  1. Don't growup too much....that's no fun! Happy birthday from someone who knows what it's like to act immature! lol

  2. Happy late Birthday!! Like Hippie said, never grow up!! xD

  3. Aw thank you guys. I <3 you both! *hugs*

    Also thanks Hippie for the set! I love it!!! :D

  4. And bwhaha being too mature would be a bore, so no worries. xD


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