Tuesday, July 17, 2012

La la la sing a gram Pic Spam!

I'm back playing around with my sims Nicky Revolver and Mikey Riot. Same neighborhood with Liam who I was stalking. xD  Anyway, I made Nick quit his job and become a singer/stage performer. 
He started off giving a sing a gram to Zack Chase. Another one of my sims.
 Next was this dude...yes I know I'm terrible with names.

 Then the guy's wife who is also a vamp. :D

 Then to his next door neighbor and a few more...

 I love this pic....

The next day he decided to give his best friend, Shane (no not the WD show one) a visit. 
 Kitty <3
 But Nick being Nick got into argument with him for the 50th time!
 And shortly after pissing off his friend, he got a request to cheer him up with a sing a gram.
 Um...you caused it. >_>
 Good way to strike up business. Just yell at your friends and then give them a sing a gram. xD
 After a long days of work, Nick decided to gift Mikey a muti-tab. :)
 Later Nick got a bit of makeover and decided to invite some friends over.
Elizabeth Strange (I must upload her) and Shane. He unsuccessfully got them together. Part of my evil plan is they must mate, so booo. 
 More sing a grams....

 And again he made a profit off his friends by yelling at them and then giving them a cheer up sing a gram.
 lol Again it's you fault they needed cheering up. >_>
Hmm...next I'm going try getting him to audition for a gig and then I might move Shane in. Why? Because I want him to marry Elizabeth and it's pissing me off they won't get together. Grrr! Also Shane has the marry status beside him, but the other sim he's supposedly married to doesn't have one. Glitch? I also have to see what Liam is doing. :)

P.S. If anyone knows a mod that will allow me to switch households without losing wishes and stuff, let me know!!!!

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