Sunday, July 15, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 4 Pic + Story!

Agh another hard picture. It's much simpler than the others, but I'll get into the whole issue with this one later. As for the story, it was 1am in the morning when I typed it up and it wasn't pre-typed or anything. I think I did ok for being half sleep. The only reason I'm up now posting this is because I'm bored and it's the weekend. xD

Click read more for the story....

I use to watch her from afar. I use to gaze upon her slender figure and fixate on her beauty. Sometimes I would paint her image, but most times I would watch her from my door way. She was a fortune teller or a gypsy of sorts. She lived across the street from us. A young vibrant woman, she was nothing like I've seen before.

The first day I saw her, I fell head over hills for her. All it took was a smile and a wink from her to fall truly in love with such a creature. Again, the warning of never getting too close would float through my mind, but I was stubborn. Stubborn as a mule, as my sister would say. Even my maker would repeat such words, but it was too late for any of them to save me. I had to have her.

When my maker had long left to feed, I snuck over to the woman's parlor. At first, she simply greeted me and asked me for my bussiness, but she soon knew of my attentions. I saw her, talk to her, and kept her company every night, but made sure to keep somewhat of a distances. Things seem to be going fine till one day, she decided to look upon her crystal ball into my future. She had to have seen something in that ball the night we parted ways, because when I visted her that night she looked at me with the same fear my sister had in her eyes and I knew what the future held for us. I knew that death was the only answer. Goodbye my love.

The story is loosely inspired by a certain vampire movie, but for the most part it was just a random thought that came to me. So yeah....I'm a bit nervous about this one, so we'll see how things go scoring wise. Love and vampires was more difficult than I thought. o_0

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