Friday, October 4, 2013

My first game in Midnight Hollow. Just a few pics...

She watches you when you're sleep. o_o
My new family. Tim Burton would be proud. Either that or he will find me to quite demented. I'm ok with either of those thoughts. ;)

Sorry to use this pic again, but let me explain. In order: Jinx, Helga, and Jack. Jack is Helga's husband. He's kind of a mad toy maker/inventor. Jinx with the pink hair is his assistant and Helga's little sister. Helga is well the evil wife! I spent many hours making these three.
I cheated to get their house, but I needed the space.
Jack can not stay in his everyday outfit! It's annoying. I'll see if I can make his adorable everyday outfit the same as his formal. Damn proper trait!
 Anyway, Helga practiced her magic while the other two chatted in their new house. I decided to make her a witch, so she could a bit more interesting. If she could run around murdering people with her big bloody knife that would be awesome, but at last EA doesn't know how to have fun! Grrr! Hmmm...that poison apple might come in handy.
 Why? Because Jack and Jinx appear to fancy each other. It's like the attraction system knew what I was planning!

 That pic makes me want to make an avi. I have strange obsession with pink hair. I'm starting to see that now. lol
 I then build a shed outside for Jack's inventions and toys.
 He eventually made a kite and flew it around while I squeeed like a little kid. It's amazing how something so simple as flying a kite seems so awesome!
 He then expressed his love for his sister-law/assistant. They look so cute together.
 Um're um..wife....
Well the now the drama begins! I seem to have consistent theme going on in my games lately, but messy mixed with creepy is good.
As for my thoughts on this world, it's quite dark. I had to adjust to all the gloominess, but I really really like how creepy it is. I mean come on! How could I not like it?! xD I'm going continue playing around with it and I might move my SN family to this town.


  1. Excellent! You do like pink hair lol! Have you ever dyed your hair pink?

    Really great sims. Tim Burton would approve I am sure. They're perfect for Midnight Hollow.


    1. lol Nope. I've had red hair, but never pink. One of these days I'm going get at least a pink streak or something. :)

      But thanks! MH is really inspiring. I think that's the first sim guy I made that wasn't super model attracted. xD

  2. heh they are awesome! i still havent used the toymaker thingamajig. i bought a few things from the little shop in town but havent made my own. i didnt know there was a kite!

    1. Thank you. I still gotta play with the toy maker thing some more. So far it only makes 1 toy at a time, which kind of sucks. I also wish it was a skill, but I haven't really got to test it much. Maybe I'm missing something. As for the kite, I saw picture of sim flying one and had to try it for myself. I hear they can even get struck by lighting when using it. :P


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