Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Of course I didn't miss WALKING DEAD SEASON 4!!!!!

It's back! It's back! It's bacccckkkkk!!!!! :D
*Warning: Spoilers ahead!*

If you didn't see the Season 4 opener or you'll still catching up please leave now!!!! Spoilers alert!!!! 1...2...3.....

Ok. I manage to see TWD last night after I came home from work. I caught the first re-run, the 2nd one and even got to watch Talking Dead before the night was over. Yeah I watched the opener twice just to see if I missed anything. When my father watches with me he tends to talk all over it, so I missed stuff sometimes. Anywhoooooo it was a nice opener. Like it was actually nice and chilled for once. lol

So from what I gather Rick is kind of stepped back from the Ricktorship/leadership in favor of a council/government. He seems more sane and relaxed now with such a system in place, but he's acting way too relaxed. I'm sure that twist at the end will wake him right up!

As for where it started at, it's been awhile since the Governor's attack? I gather it's been some months. When Beth was using the factory counter it said 30 days, but on Talking Dead they said a half of year went by. I guess that would make sense since the baby has grown up quite a bit.

As for the show itself, I was quite happy with it! Chilled, but still exciting! The scene with the store (Big Spot) was so freaking insane! I so did not want to see Beth's boyfriend get killed. :( I would of rather the paramedic guy got killed. I so whined and complained when they kept switching black guys out when T-dog got killed, but this was different. I could care less about the wine guy. lol  The scene all together was just insane though!

As for the original characters, I like some of the slight changes I'm seeing! For one it was just too awesome seeing Michonne ride in on a horse! I think I'm going like her more if she keeps up the smiling, but stays badass! It was also nice to see Carl is back being a kid for the moment. He's annoying, but he's not so bad when he's staying out the way. Then what was that business with Carol and Daryl? Am I seeing a romance blooming? Pookie???? Also where did Hershel get a prosthetic leg that fits?! Beth also appears to boarding on being kind of psycho too. I know she's growing up in zombie filled world, but how can you just brush off a death like that without feeling anything?! I think they need to watch her. Reminds of how cold Carl was when he shot that boy.

Another thing I almost forgot to mention. How could I? The chick with the dead zombie husband was creepy as hell! I thought she was a zombie! I was like "woah zombies can talk now?" Then I saw she was just dirty and funky looking. I knew she was trouble though. I think she symbolizes what Rick could of been if he had continued to push everyone away. I also see a bit of the Governor in her with how he kept his zombie daughter. I was kind of hoping to see the head/husband though.

Now the big thing I saw last night and have been thinking about since! Are we going be dealing with a breakout of a virus?! The pig dying to me was just a reflection of the point both Rick and then Carl made when the kids were naming the zombies, but it also might be a clue. Is it the food supply? Is it airborne? Is it passed on through Rick & co. as Daryl did touch the boy's hand with spit fingers (yuck)? They were first to be told they were infected, but then Maggie would of died right? The governor too with Andrea? No, it would of been passed on to someone. Food would of made them all sick too. Maybe one or more of the Woodbury people brought it with them? It's going be hard to figure out, but did you notice the boys' eyes bled when he died at end just like the zombies outside of the fence? That boy also coughed in the shower supply, so I feel sorry for whoever needs to take a shower next. Too bad he couldn't of stuck around though.

Well he's going be sticking around in a bad way next ep actually. A zombie walking around in a jail full of sleeping people. Hell is going break loose!!!!!

Crap I'm speculating this season:
-The virus is going cause mayhem and people are going be pointing fingers at anyone who breaks into a sweat!
-Rick is going break down and then wake f*** up! Put down mp3 player sheriff!
-The Governor is going make his return and F up everything! Maybe an epic showdown? Rick VS. Gov!
-Maggie is going get pregnant (yawn)
-Michonne will become crazy obsessed with finding the Governor.

I seriously can't speculate much at the moment. It so much possibilities going through my brain right now. Gotta meet more of the new characters too.

Stuff I want to see this season:
-Chaos!!!! Viruses and zombies! lol
-The Governor! I want to know how his little road trip with his scared flunkies went. I want Rick and Gov. combat too! One on one combat this time!
-A new ghost other than stupid Lori. I just want to see a old cast member make an appearance. Maybe a in-depth flashback this season?
-How the virus came to be!
-The person in the sneak peek. If you watch Talking Dead, you would of seen it.
-Is the baby going survive this season?
-Daryl and Carol. What is really going on there?!

I'm so freaking pumped for this season! I am beyond happy to see it's back! Woooooo!!!! I love this show! Fear the dead and the living! S**** is about to go DOWN!!!!

Added Thought: The scene with the creepy chick and Rick was chilling! Especially when he asked the three questions. Awesome acting from them both!

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