Monday, October 14, 2013

PHOßIA: Assignment 3 Pic+ Scores

Note: The order of the assignments here was listed wrong. This is actually the 3rd assignment. The first picture I did for this was actually a mock assignment and not A1. Oops. It's all fixed and in order now.  >_<

1st- Vid

I was never afraid of water before. While I was opposed to taking baths some days water was never a problem. When I got a offer to go on vacation with a few friend, I jumped at the chance. So I ended up in another horrible forest again, but the cabin and crystal clear water was too tempting to give up. Plus it was free.

After a few days of hiding in the cabin, I looked at the forest dead on and jumped right into the small dingy we set up on the lake. As they paddled along, I felt myself relax for once and fell asleep. I figured why not get a few nods in while my buddy tries his best to get laid. As I slept I heard nothing and it was turning out to be one of the best naps I've had in awhile. Then I opened my eyes and saw the horror. Blood everywhere and friends afloat. I stood up trying to make sense of the matter. "Was I dreaming?" One would hope so. As the boat suddenly started sinking, I saw the hand of a living corpse reach out to me. "This has to be a dream right?" One would pray it was. I'll never look at water the same again.   

Wow, this in my eyes is perfection! I know you said it was hard coupling the phobia with the extras but you did a darn good job! Your models styling is perfect and the image is extremely well thought out, the dead bodies are equally as chilling as the overall picture. I love this too pieces, the only fault I could find was that I would have preferred if his face was slightly less illuminated as I don't feel a lantern that worn out would be that bright. Other than that perfection

Great idea for fear of water. Love the look on his face-a mix of fear and uncertainty. Great Job!

I'm actually quite shocked that I manage to slide into 1st again with this picture. The picture again isn't what I imagined, but it's close enough I guess. Well....not really. I kinda wanted to do a scene from Jaws, but with no shark. So I wanted the extras to be laying facedown, my model laying on his back in the water with frightened expression, and the camera directed downward in dramatic way. If I had the proper poses and the reflection of the water wasn't in the way, I could of pulled it off maybe.

Pff I'm lucky to even finish really. I almost dropped out. I thought of using the boat after my first idea failed and the poses were pretty much left over from another modeling picture. It was all just thrown together. If I had more time, I would of done a cleaner edit and maybe posed the male extra differently.

I really don't know how I'm going find the time to do the next assignment. I barely have time to do anything on my days off. Then I have to do two challenging pictures. I'm going try since it's almost over with, but ughhhhhhhh!

P.S. I didn't have time to do a challenge/extra point picture. Didn't need it I guess.

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