Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm on a retail rollercoaster! lol (Yes another work post)

First of all, I can't believed I missed wishing everyone here a Happy Halloween! My apologies. :( I had to work that day actually. Kind of glad Halloween is over since I was often in charge of keeping that section clean. I didn't mind it at the beginning, because it was hella funny at night when we would try to scare our fellow employees with some of the stuff over there, but then it got really annoying fast. The customers for one would just come in and literally throw costumers all over the place. Then of course we would have to pick them up. It also didn't help that it was millions of them everywhere!!! Agh!

As for my working over in toys, I tend to get moved around a lot now. They hired two more people, so we tend up in the same section sometimes and that then ends up with me moving to another part of the store. I don't mind too much. I'm getting use to being moved actually and I'm starting to know where crap is actually. It's only a few incidents where I've been a complete loss where an item is. It really f'ing surprising how better I've gotten with finding things. 0_o I can even almost empty a return cart, which I'm starting appreciate more. Putting stuff back can be peaceful sometimes. Though just recently I hit a shelf of glass things with my cart and it toppled over. They still have no clue what happen with that as I ran away. We died of laughter that night! Shhhhhhh!!!!

Speaking of we, I have manage to make a few friends...maybe. Even the annoying guy is starting to be less annoying. I guess because he has girlfriend now and isn't so focused on me. Thank goodness! xD He even starting calling me "big sis," which slightly annoys me, but it is a relief since he won't be trying to get a date out of me. lol I even got a certain security person/crush 's number, but we only texted here and there. It's like two steps forward and two step back with him. I could of swore he was about to ask me out once, but the manager interrupted us and that could be my own disillusions. Still pissed at her for interrupting us though. Gawd I wanted to just throw something at her! She ruined the moment we were having! But ughhhhh we keep going round and round with no results. It's driving me crazy!

I had two long days this weekend though. From 1:30 to 10:30! I'm surprise I'm not stiff as an board! Yesterday was particularly tiring, because I was running around like a crazy person behind one of the manager taking stuff down and putting up new toys. He was killing me. He didn't even want me to take a lunch. He looks like around my age too, which makes it extremely weird that he's my manager. You would think he would be a bit more less uptight too, but he is the only manager that acts so frantic and extremely dedicated. Kind of kiss butt IMO! He needs to calm down a bit.

On the subject of co-workers I don't like, I had maybe two and now I can add another to my list. She ruined my day right at the end. She had got kind of nasty and smart with me before, but I kind of just chalked it up to her having a bad day. Then she straight up pissed me off to the point I could of cussed her out if it wasn't for the fact we were at work and I was too tired to punch her in the face. After having such a long day AND AFTER I HELPED HER return the stuff in HER return cart, she decided to act like she was my f'ing boss and critique my section saying it looked messy. I told this b*** I had been running around behind the manager all day and didn't get time to straighten anything up. She then said I was here for 8 hours and had plenty time to do that. Like I had been doing nothing! Ummm for one she's not over me one bit and I gotta go with what the manager wants. He was with me all day barking orders and didn't mention maintenance. Only at the end he said try to make it look neat! Plus the aisle didn't look that terrible considering what we were doing anyway. If the b*** had rubbed her brain cells together and figured maybe I was busy doing other things asked of me from what I clearly stated, she would of kept her mouth shut! I also could of had more time to straightened up if I wasn't running around doing her returns/HER WORK. The dumb ugly b*** didn't even thank me! I should of pulled her ugly ass nose ring out of her ugly ass face as soon as we stepped out the door! I will not be speaking with her or helping her at all! She would have to go run to her mommy to get help next time. She rode her coattails to get the job anyway. Stupid fugly b***! Maybe she mad that her work crushes talk to me now and that I heavily flirt with one of them. I guess she realize her ugly face and personality could never compete with me. Well whatever it is, she need STFU and grow her hair back on her. Her haircut looks awful. I take back my compliment!

It was just the last I needed to hear after such long weekend of work though! It also hurt, because I thought she was a cool person. I don't understand how people can be one way one minute and different another minute. I guess she used me, but I don't care. I like helping people! Unfortunately for her she pissed me off. She going get a rude awakening next time she ask me to do something! Somebody going be doing their own return carts from now on! Ha, I'll even go farther than that. If I find any electronic items in my aisle I'm going sit them right on her register. I'm not going put them back. It's not my section! F*** her!

P.S. I get off super early tomorrow! YAY!

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